The Happy Hollisters

If you are a parent who provides homeschooling for your children, having the right resources is among the most important parts of your job. Without a defined curriculum, you can create a custom educational plan that represents the values you think are most important. The Happy Hollisters by Jerry West is a popular series that many homeschooling parents have gone to for their curriculum needs. It means so much to the Happy Hollisters that our books receive this endorsement from homeschooling teachers across the country. Here are just a few reasons that we believe our series has been so successful as homeschool books.

The Age Group

Many times, children are homeschooled in their early, formative years before being transitioned into secondary schools. It’s these very impressionable years of development that parents and teachers care so much about. The Happy Hollisters are first and foremost children’s books aimed at readers aged 4 through 12. The Happy Hollisters series reinforces reading skills at a young age while being enjoyable. Their readability is perfect to engage young homeschoolers so they can improve their comprehension and reading skills.

The Structure

What’s the saying, “it’s all been done before”? As much as people would like to believe that books and other art forms are completely original, most everything has already been done. When he wrote the Happy Hollisters, Jerry West followed a formula that stands the test of time, not to mention captures the attention of readers of all ages. As early as page one, Mr. West established the mystery and drama of the plot. Then, the middle of chapters would include incidents of high suspense followed by cliffhangers as he wrapped the chapters up. This structure is very effective at keeping the attention of readers and tempting them to turn the page. Especially with the snap-second attention of young ones, keeping them engaged can be a challenge. The Happy Hollisters has proven over time that the books are hard to put down, no matter your age.

The Themes

Have you ever been caught thinking, “Literature just isn’t what it used to be”? The Happy Hollisters agree. While some may accuse us of being old school, we think themes like family and community should never go out of style. The themes are definitely a huge attraction for homeschool teachers. The Happy Hollisters series is about a tight-knit family who moonlights as amateur sleuths. Every family member contributes and has to pull together to solve mysteries. While the trend in literature has been to place focus on the individual, the Happy Hollisters holds the institution of family in high regard.

It Works!

The Happy Hollisters is a popular selection for homeschool books because it works! Over its 33 volumes, The Happy Hollisters sold 11 million copies, and can be said to hold company with the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. There has been such demand for the series that it’s been reissued in both paperback and digital formats. Not to mention the many requests to include it as part of homeschool curriculum.

Whether it’s the structure, themes, readability, or a combination of all of these, there’s no debating that the Happy Hollisters has been a success. There is no doubt it would be an important and valued part of your homeschool curriculum.

Add the Happy Hollisters to Your List of Homeschool Books

The Happy Hollisters is a series that has captured the minds and hearts of readers for decades. Due to high demand, the books have been reissued in print and digital formats. The same qualities that made the Happy Hollisters a success in their original print have struck a chord with readers today. The Happy Hollisters have been found to be a wonderful addition to any collection of homeschool books. If you think the Happy Hollisters would be perfect for your homeschool curriculum, please contact us today.

The Happy Hollisters


  1. What letter level would the hollister books ie a-z

  2. I am 74 years old and can remember reading these books as a child. I just loved the stories to the point I told my mom we had to have more kids so we could get a station wagon like the Hollister cause you had to have a big family to have one.
    I didn’t know they had been reprinted and released again. I hope another generation can enjoy them as far as racism is concerned as a child this was the way of the times and I don’t think anyone was tryin to be racist..

  3. I too a. 74. I was a avid reader if this series. I still end a good deal of mysteries So glad they are still in print. I am getting some before I share it with the grands im reading them to myself..

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