Celebrate Children’s Book Week!

Childrens-Book-WeekA single book can change a child’s life! Author Andrew Svenson, who wrote The Happy Hollisters series under the pseudonym Jerry West, knew this sentiment well. Therefore, he wrote his wholesome and exciting mysteries with a young audience in mind—and that’s why he participated in Children’s Book Week as often as he could. Here (at left), he is shown speaking with a group of students at Tuscan Elementary in Maplewood, NJ, for Children’s Book Week in 1969. Like Svenson, you can join the fun of promoting children’s literature with Children’s Book Week, a bi-annual event that is still going strong today.

What is Children’s Book Week?

Held twice a year, Children’s Book Week is an American literary initiative that encourages authors, booksellers, librarians, and others in the publishing or education industries to interact with young readers and foster their love of books. The idea for Children’s Book Week began in 1913, when a librarian began touring the country to share his passion for higher quality children’s books. By 1944, it was a well-established event in the literary community, and Children’s Book Week became a bi-annual event in 2008, with events taking place each winter and spring.

How Can I Celebrate Children’s Book Week?

If you have a young reader in your life, the November 2021 celebration of Children’s Book Week offers many fun resources to encourage their interest in books. Kids can download and print bookmarks designed by esteemed children’s book illustrators or use step-by-step templates to learn how to draw fun characters and creatures from their favorite books. Kids and teens can even vote in the Kids’ Choice Book Awards, with categories like “favorite early reader series,” “best fantasy world builder,” or “favorite book cover.” Many of the resources are offered online, making them perfect for homeschool students or anyone enrolled in remote learning.

For teachers, librarians, and other educators, Children’s Book Week also offers educator kits, printable posters for classrooms or media centers, and ideas for activities to promote reading.

Happy Reading!

If you’re a parent, educator, or anyone else who knows a young reader, Children’s Book Week is the perfect time to help a child find a new favorite author or ignite the love of books in a reluctant reader. It’s also a great excuse for the young-at-heart to revisit beloved books from their childhood, thanks to Svenson and countless other children’s book authors like him who knew the vital importance of a great book.

By Libby Svenson Kennedy


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