With spring around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of some fun and educational activities for your kids. What better way to keep the children busy than with a little spring break reading with the Happy Hollisters books?

If you read the Happy Hollisters books back in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, you probably remember how special they are. You definitely haven’t forgotten the captivating mysteries that Pete, Pam, Ricky, Holly, and Sue solve around their Shoreham home, have you?

After being out of print for more than 40 years, the Happy Hollisters books are now being reissued in both paperback and digital formats. Let the young ones in your life get to know the Hollister family as they solve the various mysteries in the series.

Fascinating, Engrossing Children’s Mysteries

The Happy Hollisters series will spark your kids’ curiosity for mysteries and keep them reading over spring break.

The Hollisters’ adventures begin when they move into a new house in Shoreham. Author, Andrew Svenson, who wrote the books using the pseudonym “Jerry West,” writes in succinct and simple language that’s easy for kids to understand. Charming vocabulary and expressions, along with detailed illustrations by Helen S. Hamilton will make kids fall in love with the books.

The Hollisters are a traditional family that loves, learns, and works together. This is among the reasons the series is so wistfully appealing. Reading through the series, your kids will be picturing the ideal family as portrayed by the Hollisters. They may even be encouraged to live up to their potential, just like the Hollister children: Pete (age 12), Pam (age 10), Ricky (age 7), Holly (age 6) and Sue (age 4).happy-hollisters-spring-break-reading

Captivating Tales for Young Ones

The mysteries that the Hollisters solve are captivating. For example, in the first volume in the series, appropriately titled “The Happy Hollisters”, the children are startled to learn that the moving van carrying their father’s important invention has vanished. Arriving at their new home, they soon learn there’s a hidden treasure somewhere, and the house may be haunted. These two mysteries arouse Hollister children’s curiosity and they set out to solve them right away.

The children are always heroes of the Happy Hollisters stories, although Mr. and Mrs. Hollister occasionally step in to help by providing important clues. Even the family pets, White Nose (the cat) and Zip (the collie), participate in solving some of the mysteries.

The Happy Hollisters books are action-packed and have dozens of illustrations that make the stories vivid. Your kids will relate to the tales and will want to share them with their friends.

Entertaining and Educational

The Hollisters series is set in the 1950’s and 60’s when times were simpler. A time when children looked up to their parents for guidance and inspiration, and willingly helped with chores. Moreover, towns were smaller and safe enough for kids to roam around without constant adult supervision or cellphones.

The events in the Happy Hollisters books are all relatable and the storylines are realistic. This spring break, reading just might become your child’s favorite activity with the Happy Hollisters series.

While cities have grown larger and life has changed considerably since the 50’s, the morals taught in these books are still valuable and can help to mold your kids in the right direction.

There is nothing better than for kids to spend their spring break reading the Happy Hollisters. The books are good, pure, read-aloud stories that you will love reading to your children and they will enjoy reading by themselves.