Happy Hollisters Hardcover Reissues

Finally, after a 50-year absence and motivated by customer demand, the Happy Hollisters classic 33-book series is coming back in hardcover format!
As of today, we have reissued the first fifteen volumes in the series, with plans to bring back sequential volumes on a bi-monthly basis until the entire series is reissued back into hardcover, most likely by end of 2023.
Fast facts about the Happy Hollisters hardcover reissues:

  • 8.75″ x 5.75″ hardcover format
  • 4/c case laminate matte covers featuring original dustjacket artwork
  • Classic content as originally published
  • Original Helen S. Hamilton illustrations beautifully reproduced in b/w
  • Up to eight pages of bonus material per volume, including never-before-seen photos, sketches, maps, fan letters, and much more.
  • Printed in the USA.
  • FREE shipping to any address in the USA!

Not only are these specially-produced hardcovers perfect for collectors, they will make a fine and durable addition to any young reader’s library!

“The new hardcovers are sturdy, nicely printed, and visually quite handsome. They’re really the next best thing to the deckle-edged, dust-jacketed originals . . . As for the wonderful bonus pages, what Happy Hollisters fan wouldn’t devour such interesting behind-the-scenes information! These pages are worth the price of admission for longtime fans like myself.”
~Gregory Z.

The Happy Hollisters: 6-Book Swell Reader HARDCOVER Set (Save over 20%!)


Save over 20% with The Happy Hollisters’ exclusive 6-Book HARDCOVER starter set. The adventure begins with volume 1, The Happy Hollisters; followed by volume 2, The Happy Hollisters on a River Trip; volume 3, The Happy Hollisters at Sea Gull Beach; volume 4, The Happy Hollisters and the Indian Treasure; volume 5, The Happy Hollisters at Mystery Mountain; and volume 6, The Happy Hollisters at Snowflake Camp.

Includes bonus pages and FREE Shipping to addresses in the USA!


The Happy Hollisters: 3-Book HARDCOVER Starter Set (Save over 15%!)


The Happy Hollisters’ exclusive 3-Book HARDCOVER Starter Set. Save 15%! The adventure begins with volume 1, The Happy Hollisters, followed by volume 2, The Happy Hollisters on a River Trip, and volume 3, The Happy Hollisters at Sea Gull Beach. Includes bonus pages and FREE Shipping to addresses in the USA!

HH1. The Happy Hollisters (Volume 1) HARDCOVER


The adventures begin when the Happy Hollisters move into their new house in Shoreham, but the moving van carrying their toys disappears. Then they learn that their house may be haunted, with a treasure hidden somewhere inside!

HH2. The Happy Hollisters on a River Trip HARDCOVER


This adventure begins when Pete catches a large fish with a mysterious tag on its tail. Then the children’s unhappy friend, Bobby Reed, disappears in a leaky old boat on the Muskong River, and the whole family helps in the search. Uncle Russ lends them his boat, the Sweetie Pie, and they all set off on an exciting trip down the river.

HH3. The Happy Hollisters at Sea Gull Beach HARDCOVER


The Happy Hollisters are looking forward to vacationing at Sea Gull Beach with their cousins. Then they discover that the lighthouse lamp they received as a gift from Uncle Russ contains a tiny treasure, and are even more eager to get to join their relatives and search for the rest of the treasure.

HH4. The Happy Hollisters and the Indian Treasure HARDCOVER


Mr. Hollister plans a trip to New Mexico to purchase SW Indian trinkets to sell at The Trading Post. When a family friend and Yumatan Indian Indy Roades tells them of his tribe’s lost turquoise mine, Mr. Hollister brings the whole family along to help locate the lost gems.

HH5. The Happy Hollisters at Mystery Mountain HARDCOVER


The Happy Hollisters are invited to stay on a ranch in New Mexico and discover a map leading to the cave of ancient dollmakers, the long-lost buried secret of the mountain. The Happy Hollisters help find the lost cave and discover a sheep rustling ring in this fast-moving story.

HH6. The Happy Hollisters at Snowflake Camp HARDCOVER


The Happy Hollisters head to Canada to visit their grandparents for the yearly Trappers’ Carnival and end up joining the search for a missing dog trainer and some valuable Eskimo puppies. In addition to solving the mystery, they have great fun learning to ski and drive a dog sled.


HH7. The Happy Hollisters and the Trading Post Mystery HARDCOVER


There is great activity in the Hollister household upon the arrival of Domingo, the donkey promised Sue by friends in New Mexico. The excitement mounts higher with the discovery of a note attached to the donkey’s halter signed “Y.I.F.” So begins one of the two mysteries that run through this book.


HH8. The Happy Hollisters at Circus Island HARDCOVER


A trip to Circus Island in Florida in search of a houseboat to purchase puts the Happy Hollisters on the trail of circus dog thieves. As the young sleuths uncover sinister goings-on behind the scenes at the circus, they also learn exciting circus tricks like tumbling and tight-rope walking.

HH9. The Happy Hollisters and the Secret Fort HARDCOVER


A missing letter is the key to the whereabouts of Fort Freedom, the stockade that disappeared after the Revolutionary War. The fort is located somewhere within the boundaries of Shoreham and has been sought after for many years, not only for its historic value, but for the gold supposed to be hidden there by the early settlers.

HH10. The Happy Hollisters and the Merry-Go-Round Mystery HARDCOVER


Pete Hollister volunteers to locate a merry-go-round for the Lincoln School fair. Disappointments abound when a gear for the apparatus is apparently lost, and a vandal sets fire to the booths and decorations in attempt to ruin the event.

HH11. The Happy Hollisters at Pony Hill Farm HARDCOVER


The Happy Hollisters are surprised to learn that a hobbyhorse they purchased at an auction holds the key to settling an inheritance that will change the future for their new friend, Graham Stone. The mystery deepens with the appearance of a beautiful appaloosa pony, seemingly out of nowhere.

HH12. The Happy Hollisters and the Old Clipper Ship HARDCOVER


The Hollisters are on their way to Boston on the trail of a long-lost ship captain’s log. Famous movie star Gregory Grant is also headed east to star in a movie about clipper ships. He invites the children to come along, offering them parts in the movie while they search for more clues!

HH13. The Happy Hollisters at Lizard Cove HARDCOVER


The arrival of a crate of pineapples and an odd pet at the Hollister home leads the family on a Puerto Rican vacation. A stone found on a sightseeing tour then proves to be a clue to a pirate’s treasure. The children have fun learning new customs and a new language as they comb the island for clues.

HH14. The Happy Hollisters and the Scarecrow Mystery HARDCOVER


When Mr. Hollister’s sport and toy store, The Trading Post, is robbed, his main concern is for his invention, a new type of collapsible canoe. He is therefore surprised to discover that a Geiger counter and a couple of pickaxes are the only missing items.

HH15. The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Totem Faces HARDCOVER


This story finds the Hollister family off to Alaska with Uncle Russ and their two cousins, Teddy and Jean. Russ Hollister, a commercial artist and cartoonist, has run out of ideas and is trying to think of a new location for his comic strip characters.