What are some festive holiday books to read this season?

All children, and adults too, need a break from their regular routine. Spending time with family, playing, and just generally hanging out are all excellent ways for kids to recharge. Too much time away from learning resources can undermine core learning skills, including those gained through reading. A balance of fun and constructive activities during the winter break can be achieved by adding a few youth mystery novels from a favorite mystery series for children to your child’s homeschool reading list.

Holiday Books to Read

If you’re looking for some terrific holiday books to add to your child’s book collection, the 3-Book Winter Break Collection from The Happy Hollisters children’s mystery book series is sure to delight.

These three selections from the ever-popular mystery book series will keep children on track and keep them geared up to continue learning when the break ends.

The Happy Hollisters at Snowflake Camp

First published in 1954, this is still one of the best kids’ mystery books for children aged 6-12, filled with humor and good, clean fun. After the Hollister children see their grandparents on TV, filmed during the dogsled races at a past Canadian Trappers’ Carnival, they ask if they can attend the next annual event. Little do they know what awaits them at their grandparents’ winter resort, Snowflake Camp! Before they know it, Pete, Pam, Ricky, Holly, and Sue are involved in a mystery involving their schoolteacher, her missing brother, and some valuable sled-dog puppies. There’s also plenty of time for fun as the kids learn to ski and drive a dogsled .

The Happy Hollisters and the Trading Post Mystery

Sue finally gets the donkey, Domingo, that was promised to her in a previous adventure. He arrives with a note signed “Y.I.F.,” which sets the Hollisters off on not just one, but two mysteries. As the Christmas season approaches, the kids develop a plan to use Domingo as part of their project to provide Christmas gifts to the less-fortunate children in their town. When a life-sized model of Santa disappears, though, it looks like the kids’ plan will be ruined. Could there possibly be a connection between the mysterious note and Santa’s disappearance?

The Happy Hollisters and the Ice Carnival Mystery

Considered a classic in the children’s mystery series, this volume is an essential holiday book to read as it’s filled with fun, snow, another country’s customs and ways, and great adventures. In it, the Hollister children go to Canada with their grandparents to celebrate Mardi Gras and attend the Winter Carnival in the French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec. The mystery surrounds the disappearance of the children’s long-overdue Christmas gift, a handmade cariole, or French-Canadian sleigh, crafted by a master sleigh maker. As they work to solve the mystery, the Hollisters meet many interesting people and get to experience the thrill of participating in the exciting events of the Winter Carnival!

Why The Happy Hollisters are the Best Holiday Books to Read

An enduring mystery series for children, The Happy Hollisters is a wholesome book collection that emphasizes fun, humor, and family bonds. Each book delivers important messages about how right wins over wrong, and integrity always pays off. If you’re looking for holiday books to read over your child’s winter break, these engaging books that celebrate life in simpler times are a superb choice. Children love the fast-paced action, trying to solve the mystery, and getting to know the Hollister siblings. The charming illustrations add vividness to the stories, so children feel they’re really part of this loving family’s adventures.

All of The Happy Hollister books come as stand-alone titles, or you can buy them in specially curated multi-book sets, including the complete 33-volume book collection. You can also give a young reader in your life a The Happy Hollisters Book Club membership, which brings two volumes straight to their door every month.