How to write an Amazon review for The Happy Hollisters!

We might be biased, but we think that books make swell holiday gifts! If you’re the parent of a voracious young reader or want to treat yourself to a fun, nostalgic read, The Happy Hollisters’ Trading Post Store is stocked full with exciting, page-turning mysteries about the Hollister family and their adventures in quaint Shoreham and around the world. A Happy Hollisters book underneath the tree is sure to result in plenty of smiles and holiday cheer, and when you and your young reader are finished reading about Pete, Pam, Ricky, Holly, and Sue, you can spread the joy even further by leaving a review of your favorite volume(s) on Amazon, America’s largest online retailer. Here’s how:

What You Need to Write an Amazon Review:

  • An Amazon account with which you have spent at least $50 in the past 12 months
  • Your Amazon login and password
  • The name of the book you want to review

Even if you purchased the book somewhere other than Amazon, like from our online store, you can still leave a review on Amazon as long as you meet their community guidelines.

Step One: Go to Amazon and Find the Book

Log into your Amazon account and search for the book you’d like to review. If it’s a specific book in a series, like The Happy Hollisters and the Trading Post Mystery, be sure to make sure you’re clicking the right title.




If you purchased a bundle of books from our Trading Post Store, such as our 3-book Starter Set or the 33-Book Complete Collection, you can also search for that bundle and leave a review for the set as a whole. You can even leave a review for our Happy Hollisters coloring and activity books!

Step Two: Scroll Down to Reviews

Once you’ve reached the Amazon page for the book you want to review, scroll down to the customer reviews section. Next to the reviews that have already been posted, you’ll see a button that invites you to “write a customer review.”


Step Three: Rate the Book and Leave a Review!

If you’re logged into your Amazon account, clicking this button will take you to the page for leaving a review. You’ll see the option of giving it a rating of one to five stars, plus a text box where you can leave your written review. You can choose to give it a star rating without leaving a written review, but we appreciate knowing your personalized thoughts about the book. If you leave a written review, you’ll need to include a headline, which could be something as simple as “loved this book!” or “Christmastime mystery for young readers.”

To write a review that will help others connect with the book, consider focusing on what you liked or didn’t like about the book, with specific examples (no spoilers, please!). If your child loved learning more about Domingo the Donkey in The Trading Post Mystery, for instance, that would be a great thing to mention in your review. If you didn’t enjoy a book, sharing what you didn’t like helps other readers decide if it’s something they might enjoy, even if you didn’t love it yourself. Don’t be afraid to be honest with your thoughts!

Don’t feel like you have to leave a detailed book report, either. There is no minimum word count, and some of the strongest reviews get right to the point. This review for The Happy Hollisters and The Trading Post Mystery is a great example of a short and sweet review.

Amazon Review Trading PostStep Four: Hit Submit

When you’re finished leaving a review, press submit, and you’re all done! Amazon will process your review, and you’ll receive an email once it’s published. You successfully learned how to write an Amazon review!

If you’ve never written an Amazon review before, sharing your thoughts on a book can seem daunting! However, writing a review is a great way to share your opinions and might even help another reader discover their next favorite book. For small businesses like The Happy Hollisters, reviews also help us keep our reissued paperbacks in print, so we can introduce The Happy Hollisters to more young readers!

By Libby Svenson Kennedy


Research notes, Andrew Svenson Archives of The Hollister Family Properties Trust


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