Monster Books for Kids to Add to Your Child’s Reading Collection

Have you been searching for exciting and educational books for your monster-loving young reader? Here is a list of our favorite monster books for kids, including three favorites from The Happy Hollisters mystery series.

1. The Happy Hollisters and the Monster Mystery

Flying saucers have been seen hovering over the Happy Hollisters’ home. Were strange footprints made by a monster from out of space? The family of sleuthing siblings are on the case!

2. The Happy Hollisters at Mystery Mountain

Somone—or something—is making mysterious noises near the New Mexico dude ranch where the Hollisters are vacationing. Then livestock start disappearing—is a noisy monster responsible for both? Your kids will love reading this fast-paced book.

3. The Happy Hollisters and the Castle Rock Mystery

On the search for a cache of valuable titanium in an abandoned quarry, the Happy Hollisters are frightened away—temporarily—by a monster from the deep. Once they recover their breath, the amateur sleuths work together to get to the bottom of this exciting mystery.

4. The Monster at the End of This Book

This fun monster book for kids stars the well-liked furry Grover of Sesame Street. The story is unique. Grover believes there’s a monster and, therefore, doesn’t want you to read the book. However, we can guarantee you that this book will offer your kids an exciting read-aloud experience. Is there a monster at the end of the book, as Grover claims? You’ll have to turn the page to find out.

4. Quit Calling Me a Monster!

This book follows a crazy monster named Floyd, who begs readers not to call him a monster. Your kids will enjoy reading this picture book and seeing Floyd’s efforts to conceal his monstrous side.

5. Eat Pete!

Like the title suggests, this monster book for kids centers on a monster that wants to eat a kid named Pete. The funny thing is that Pete is thrilled to have made a new friend. And he is determined to have as much fun and playtime with the monster. The playful suspense of whether or not the beast will eat Pete will keep your children reading.

6. Does Frankenstein Get Hungry?

One thing we can all agree about kids is that they are inquisitive by nature. This book’s author aims at demystifying monsters through the eyes of a young girl. The concept is exciting and helps readers view monsters from a different and more understandable light. Expect quirky answers for what monsters eat and whether the boogeyman has boogers.

7. The Monster Next Door

The monster next door is an excellent book for kids who struggle with the variabilities of friendship. It follows a young boy who becomes friends with a monster that lives next door. The story describes the stages of their relationship, from the time they met to playtimes, fights, and making up.

8. Monster Mayhem

This fast-paced book is ideal for older kids who are more comfortable with graphic novels. This book follows a young girl who struggles with making new friends. But then things change when she meets Chomp, a monster that eats buildings. Reading this book will have your children and grandkids at the edge of their seats until its final page.

9. The Gruffalo

The Gruffalo is yet another well-liked monster book for kids that even inspired an animated film. It is about a mouse that spins tales of a monster named Gruffalo to ward off predators. Surprisingly, the mouse meets the actual Gruffalo. This book is both catchy and has numerous rhyming texts that will become your kids’ favorite.

10. I Want to Be in a Scary Story

Sometimes all a monster wants is to star in a scary story. And this is the case for “little monster.” The author attempts to fulfill the monster’s wishes by adding gloomy forests and spooky houses. The beast quickly realizes how frightening it is to be in a scary story. The author also engages readers to create a definitive account with adventures for “little monster.”

11. Love Monster

Even scary monsters need love. Love monster follows a hairy monster struggling to fit in with the other fluffy monsters of Cutesville. This monster sets out on a journey to find a partner that will love him despite his hairy appearance. Young readers will enjoy reading this emotion-filled book.

12. Glad Monster, Sad Monster

Emotional intelligence is a crucial element of early childhood development. For this reason, Glad Monster, Sad Monster, is on our favorite monster books for kids list. The story is about the different emotions monsters go through. The various monster masks that depict emotions enhance interactions among children reading this book.

13. Go Away, Big Green Monster!

This book combines fun with education and ultimately helps children overcome their fear of monsters. It’s perfect for read-aloud, especially if you initiate a monster craft session afterward.

14. Creepy Monsters, Sleepy Monsters

Do not let the first part of the title fool you, as these monsters are far from creepy. Instead, the story follows two young monsters that live normal daily lives. From going to school to gobbling after-school snacks and, believe it or not, a bedtime. Your children will find this book relatable, hence a must-read.

15. If Your Monster Won’t Go to Bed

As a caregiver, putting household monsters to bed can be challenging. Luckily this monster book provides a detailed how-to guide that’ll send all the monsters to sleep. This book is perfect for helping your kids get rid of their fear of demons and the dark.

16. Do Not Enter the Monster Zoo

Can a monster be good? This story follows a young boy who attempts to tame monsters locked up in a zoo because they are dangerous. This book is perfect for introducing young readers to the monster world.

18. Where the Wild Things Are

This list wouldn’t be complete if we left out Where the Wild Things Are, a classic book about monsters. The book follows Max, a young boy with a wild imagination who also jokes about eating his mom after sending him to bed without dinner for misbehaving.

In his mind, Max sails across oceans where he meets monsters and other wild things that make similar threats of eating him, just like the ones he made to his mom. The main aim of this book is to reassure kids about their parents’ unconditional love.

We hope this exhaustive monster books for kids’ list provides you and your children with some fantastic Halloween reading options. Start with three exciting monster mysteries from The Happy Hollisters mystery book series, and then work your way through the rest of the list . . . if you dare!  To find out more, check out our book collection today.