How reading mystery novels improves your child’s reading and comprehension skills.

If you read mystery books as a child, you know that providing mysteries for kids to solve is probably one of the greatest ways to foster a life-long love of reading. Mystery books for children have the power to keep children engaged while teaching them important lessons that can serve them throughout their lives.

The best mystery books don’t just foster a love of reading, though. Read on for ten more terrific benefits of reading mystery stories.

10 Benefits of Mystery Book Series for Kids

Children’s mystery books teach a child the tricks of amateur sleuthing and spark an interest in storytelling. Many classic children’s book series, like The Happy Hollisters by Jerry West, also help to strengthen family bonds.

  1. “Whodunits” provide mysteries for children to solve that help improve their skills of critical thinking and deductive reasoning.
  2. As they solve the mystery, children are encouraged to pay attention to even the smallest details. Why? Because each one could be the clue to unraveling the riddle.
  3. Mysteries hold kids’ attention and build confidence as they connect the dots and help figure out the truth.
  4. Vocabulary building helps kids perform better and achieve more in their studies. Mysteries introduce new terms from the justice system, science, and more. Youth Mystery Novels like The Happy Hollisters book series also teach kids foreign words and phrases, as the storylines often occur in foreign locales.
  5. In most mystery stories, someone has done something wrong, and the characters solving the mystery are trying to work it out. That makes these books a great introduction to right and wrong and justice.
  6. Kids love the familiarity of their favorite characters in a mystery series. It’s often a major factor in keeping them progressing from one book to the next.
  7. Learning to ask “why?” is an important life skill. Understanding cause and effect at a young age makes tackling the concept in novels and real life later on that much easier.
  8. Many readers love returning to their favorite books time and again. Mysteries encourage re-reading by children and along the way their reading and comprehension skills improve.
  9. Everyone loves to “escape,” even if it’s just for a little while. The best mystery books offer safe and enlightening escapes that offer compelling alternatives to screen time and real life.
  10. Youth mystery books are a great way for parents and grandparents to bond with the kids in their lives. Reading a book is often good company enough but sharing the book with another adds a level of closeness unlike other shared activities.

Fun Mysteries for Kids to Solve

Mystery books for kids are a lot of fun! When Andrew E. Svenson wrote The Happy Hollisters, he understood that setting up mystery and excitement from page one would help to encourage any child’s love of reading.

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