Children who love mystery novels will enjoy The Happy Hollisters!

Reading is a fantastic activity to encourage your children to take up. It is not only beneficial for academic purposes, but can also help your children improve their vocabulary, learn how to process information critically, and sharpen their attention span. Allowing them to read different stories will also help stimulate their interest and imagination.

Enter any bookstore today, and you will likely see a wide selection of children’s books, including mystery novels for children. Mystery novels are among the most popular stories for children. There are countless story options to choose from. As you expose your little ones to different genres and authors, they will surely grow to become enthusiastic young readers.

The concept of solving mysteries will surely appeal to children and convince them to put their detective hats on. If you are looking for a new book for them to read, now is the perfect time to introduce them to The Happy Hollisters series.

Meet the Hollister Family from The Happy Hollisters

The Happy Hollisters is a series of mystery novels for children written by Jerry West and published in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. With all 33 volumes in the collection now available in paperback and eBook formats, your children will surely stay preoccupied and get hooked in no time.

The Happy Hollisters follows the adventures of the Hollister family as they work together to solve mysteries and cases. The family consists of five children, namely Pete, Pam, Ricky, Holly, and Sue; their parents, John and Elaine Hollister; a dog; a donkey; and a family of cats. They live in Shoreham, where Mr. Hollister owns a general store called The Trading Post, where he sells a variety of goods ranging from hardware to toys. The popular children’s mystery book series highlights the many adventures that this close-knit family goes through as they navigate their life in Shoreham and beyond.

Twists and Turns

The Happy Hollisters series has gained its reputation for being one of the best mystery books due to the twists and turns in every book. The page-turning plots and the cliffhangers at the end of every chapter draw readers in and make them want to read more to find out what happens. Let your children explore the mystery in every story as they get to know the characters who are going through various experiences.

Wholesome and Moral Life Lessons

The world has changed much since The Happy Hollisters books were first published, so you may find the setting, language, and roles to be quaintly old-fashioned. However, today’s children are fascinated by the differences between the Hollisters’ lifestyle and their own, and many still enjoy reading the mystery book series.

One of the most valuable aspects of the series would be the moral lessons that readers can learn from each book. They get to explore real-world problems—such  as bullying, vandalism, tricky sibling relationships, and adjusting to a new town—and  can see how the Hollister family resolves them. Through these events, the series imparts valuable lessons, such as obeying and respecting elders, caring for animals, and many others.

Naturally, the best part about these mystery novels for children will undoubtedly be the adventure. However, the positive characteristics and life lessons that readers can get from the books can help your children through their growth and development.

Fun and Entertaining Illustrations

Need another reason why The Happy Hollisters are some of the best mystery novels for children? If so, your little ones will be excited to know that these books contain fun illustrations in each chapter, making their reading experience more vivid and memorable. With as many as 70 illustrations in each volume, young readers can read each story with more depth. If your children are struggling to finish longer books, these illustration-filled novels are sure to keep them interested and engaged, while ensuring their reading and critical thinking skills are used in every story.

While many years have passed since the first Happy Hollisters book was published, this mystery series for children remains popular with young readers as well as their parents and teachers. With inspiring lessons, lively illustrations, and adventurous plots in every book, your little ones will surely enjoy going through the series. Get the first book today, and you may just see why the series continue to be a hit.

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