Hardy Boys_17_Secret Warning

HB17. The Secret Warning HARDCOVER


Frank and Joe Hardy, help their father, Fenton as he looks into claims that million-dollar artifact was lost aboard a freighter that sank off Whalebone Island in Bayport. Some suspect defrauds against the shipping line’s insurance company, but whoever is at fault the Hardys are determined to get to the bottom of their latest mystery.

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Strange events involve Frank and Joe Hardy in a mystery which shrouds an ancient treasure – the golden head of the Pharaoh Rhamaton IV. The owner of the million-dollar golden Pharaoh’s head claims it was aboard the freighter Katawa, which sank not far from Whalebone Island. But suspicious developments indicate that Mehmet Zufar may be trying to defraud the shipping line’s insurance company. Frank and Joe enthusiastically accept the challenge of their famous detective father to assist him in investigating the complex case for Transmarine Underwriters.

Hardcover; 176 pages; illustrations, only $11.95 (includes FREE Shipping in the USA!)

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