Hardy Boys_46_Secret Agent on Flight 101

HB46.The Secret Agent on Flight 101


Rarely do magicians reveal their professional secrets. Consequently, Frank and Joe Hardy are amazed when a well-known magician, the Incredible Hexton, offers to reveal the secret of his “Vanishing Man Act” and invited Mr. Hardy to be the subject. When their detective father fails to reappear, his sons are convinced that something sinister is afoot, despite Hexton’s insistence that Mr. Hardy is playing a joke on them. While desperately searching for their father, Frank and Joe find themselves working with SKOOL, a U.S. organization of secret agents pitted against UGLI, an international ring of spies stealing government secrets domestically and internationally. The young detective’s gripping adventures culminate in a dramatic climax when they unmask the secret agent on Flight 101.
Hardcover; 176 pages; illustrations, only $11.95 (includes FREE Shipping in the USA!)

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When their father, Fenton Hardy takes part in a magic show, and doesn’t reappear at the end of the “Vanishing Man Act”, Frank and Joe suspect foul play. Soon the brothers are working with a top-secret government organization of undercover law enforcers, and battling an international spy ring.

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