Hardy Boys_9_Great Airport Mystery

HB9. The Great Airport Mystery HARDCOVER


Valuable electronic parts containing platinum are being stolen from shipments made by Stanwide Mining Equipment’s cargo planes, and Frank and Joe are called upon to assist their world-renowned detective father solve the baffling case. While posing as Stanwide employees, the boys look into the truth behind the chief pilot’s death at sea. The puzzling trail of clues leads the young sleuths to an uninhabited Caribbean island, but the final, and most startling, discovery is made in the boys’ home town of Bayport.

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Taking a shortcut home from a summer trip because of an urgent message from their father about an upcoming assignment, the Hardys come across a mysterious roadblock. They move it aside and press on for the sake of time and are soon forced off the road by a blinding flare. In short order, they are shot at and their car is overturned by a low-flying plane which clips the roof. Recovering their wits, they right the car and continue home to be greeted by their father with details of their new case: they are to infiltrate Stanwide Mining Equipment Company who are having expensive electronics components swiped from orders being flown out to customers.

Hardcover; 175 pages; illustrations, only $11.95 (includes FREE Shipping in the USA!)

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