The benefits of reading aloud to your children.

If you want to raise children who love to read, start early and read aloud to them as often as possible. According to Scholastic’s Kids and Family Reading Report, eight in ten children love being read aloud to and say that it is a special time they share with the adult who takes the time to read with them.

Read Aloud to Children of All Ages

Aside from helping young children develop spoken language skills, recognize letters and words, and get ready for more structured education, continuing to read aloud to children over the age of five will improve listening skills and academic performance. It’s also a great deal of fun!

When you include wholesome books in your child’s read-aloud list, it’s a wonderful way to inspire a lifelong love of reading while creating a special bond between the two of you. Other benefits include inspiring your child to:

  • Discover classic literature that has stood the test of time. Your child is entertained and engaged as you help the text come alive by taking on different characters’ voices and fill in context that has remained historically relevant.
  • Develop a curiosity and a hunger for learning. Older kids relate to more complicated plots and storylines and become more deeply invested in characters. Subscribing to a service like a book club gives them something to look forward to as they anticipate the next book in the series.
  • Explore different interests and feel free to discuss difficult issues. Most children will do anything to avoid a parental lecture, but when you read stories that show characters dealing with conflicts and consequences that are similar to what your child may be experiencing, you open the door to better communication and empower your child to solve complex problems.

Read Aloud Early and Keep it Going!

The trick to reading aloud to a child is to make it fun and playful. Don’t be afraid to indulge your acting skills, and don’t be intimidated by thinking there is a perfect way to do it. If your child interrupts with questions, embrace that as part of the learning journey in the reading process. In fact, pausing the story to ask your child what they think and feel about a scene or a character’s decision is a great way to keep them engaged and enhance their reading comprehension.

The Happy Hollisters as Part of a Read-Aloud Program

A terrific way to bring the fun back into reading is to read books that a child feels invested in and a part of. This is one of the main reasons a mystery book series like The Happy Hollisters by Jerry West is a great choice for read-aloud time with your child. If along the way they learn new vocabulary, become more fluent, and learn to love reading, what more could you ask for? Contact us today to learn more about our popular book series or to join the Happy Hollisters Book Club. Whether you invest in the super bundle set, take it slow with a 3-book starter set, or buy individual titles, the Happy Hollister Trading Post Store is a great place to start your child’s read-aloud collection.