Parents Lead by Example

The cultivation of good reading habits for children starts with parents, grandparents, and other family members. Every household seems to be very busy these days with jobs, school, homework, and sports. It is easy to lose track of the big picture items in life when you are endlessly rushing around all the time. If your children watch you attending to electronics while stirring the pasta sauce or texting during a family outing, they are going to think that these are the things they should be doing as well. Parents intentionally or not, lead by example. Parents who read in front of their children tend to raise better readers than parents who prefer to sit in front of the television. In addition, when parents and other family members set aside time to read to or with children, those children become zealous independent readers

Show That You Care About Reading


Setting aside time to read to children not only shows that you love and care for them, but it shows them the importance of reading. It spurs interest in the plot, character development, and curiosity about what might happen next in the story. This helps them to associate reading with positive feelings. As children become older, they learn to follow a story-line or a group of characters from one chapter to the next. Choosing a mystery series for children is a great way to keep children captivated for days or even weeks.

Choosing Literature

Children’s literature can be a bit tough to navigate in these modern times. Potty humor and other tactless methods of grabbing attention are rampant in children’s books. A great way to circumvent popular culture is to turn back the clock and choose stories set in bygone eras. One great series that children love is The Happy Hollisters. This mystery series for children works well for both boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 12. All 33 books in the series were written between 1953 and 1970, and are tasteful, tactful, and fun.

The Happy Hollister Mystery Series for Children

Author, Andrew Svenson, using the pen name “Jerry West,” modeled the books on his own family’s experiences in Bloomfield, NJ, back in the 1950s and 60s. Each book adds to the development of the characters and weaves an intricate and exciting story every child (and adult) will enjoy. This mystery series for children presents clues throughout that parents and children can assess together to enhance the reading experience and develop early problem-solving skills. Enjoying an interactive series together, such as The Happy Hollisters, is a great way to entice your children to read more.

Sit with your children, grab a book, and have some fun teaching valuable life lessons with The Happy Hollisters.