Homeschool Parents Adore The Happy Hollisters

It’s true! Homeschool parents absolutely adore The Happy Hollisters mystery series for kids! We’ve heard from so many parents that they love incorporating these amazing mystery stories into their lesson plans.

Why has this become such a popular trend for so many homeschool parents? There are actually several reasons why all kinds of parents love to make The Happy Hollisters part of their child’s learning experience:

The Happy Hollisters Solve Mysteries

Every child will need to have solid problem-solving skills if they want to succeed in the future. In The Happy Hollisters series, the family is always faced with some sort of mystery to figure out. Parents love the idea that their kids can join in by analyzing the clues and trying to solve the mystery before the Hollister family does.

They Will Learn New Words & Concepts

Whether or not a child is being homeschooled, their parents understand the importance of learning new words and concepts. The Happy Hollisters is filled with a wide array of vocabulary, so there’s always something for children to learn. This is a wonderful way to teach kids how to interact well in social and professional situations.

The Happy Hollisters Rely on Teamwork & Family

It can be a bit difficult for homeschooling parents to teach their kids about teamwork because they’re not in a classroom setting. The Happy Hollisters gives parents an easy way to show their children the importance of teamwork because the characters are always working together to solve a mystery or complete a task. Plus, since the main characters consist of the Hollister parents and their children, it teaches about family.

Your Children Will Visit New Lands & Cultures

Many homeschooling parents want to be sure that their children get plenty of exposure to the outside world. Every child should be introduced to a variety of lands and cultures, but this can be difficult when they’re taught at home. Although this is possible by looking up information on Google, The Happy Hollisters provides a way to learn about different places and people in the context of a story, which makes it more impactful.

The Happy Hollister Books Encourage Kids to Read More

Reading is one of the most important skills and habits to teach your kids. Parents who homeschool their children focus heavily on cultivating a love of reading. Thanks to the exciting adventures of the Hollister family, The Happy Hollisters is a great way to encourage a child to read more books because they’ll want to know what happens to the family in the next story.

The Happy Hollisters Promote Wholesome Values

The Happy Hollisters was written by Andrew E. Svenson in what some people like to call a bygone era. It’s basically a time when wholesome values were the norm rather than the exception. These are values that need to be taught now more than ever, and you can find them throughout every Hollister novel, which makes them perfect for kids of all ages!

The Happy Hollisters Teach About Life’s Challenges

Although it’s important that we let kids be kids, it’s equally important that we introduce them to life’s challenges. Homeschooling can sometimes feel a bit self-contained, which can make it more difficult for certain types of challenges to be evident to a child. The Happy Hollisters will teach them, in a very kind way, about the trials, tribulations, and joys of this thing we call life.

The Happy Hollisters Know All About Friendship

Homeschooled children sometimes have to work a bit harder to make friends outside their family group. The Happy Hollisters is a great series for modeling friendships. The Hollisters are always involved with multiple friends and family members that homeschooled kids can relate to and learn from.

The Happy Hollisters Believe in Perseverance

One of the best lessons that you can teach your kids is how to persevere. They’ll go through many things in life where they may feel as if they want to give up. The Happy Hollisters face multiple obstacles in every single story, and they can show your children that perseverance pays off.

Order The Happy Hollister Books for a Great Reading Experience

The Happy Hollisters are wonderful mystery books for children, whether they’re homeschooled or in the traditional education system. Join our book club today and get your first book for just 10 cents!