Introducing . . .
The Happy Hollisters Book Club!

What do kids think of The Happy Hollisters? According to Charlie, age 9, “the whole series is, well . . . AMAZING! If you like cliffhangers, adventure, history, mystery, and geography, this book is for you.”

We would like to introduce your children to the amazing world of The Happy Hollisters. They will love solving mysteries with this plucky group of five siblings—Pete, Pam, Ricky, Holly, and Sue—who manage to find a challenging situation wherever they go and have fun solving it. And you’ll feel good about the clean, wholesome family values that these books portray.

As an introduction to the series, we’ll send volume 1, The Happy Hollisters, for only 10¢—with free shipping and no further obligation on your part. Your family can choose either the paperback edition (187 pages with 70+ illustrations) or the deluxe hardcover edition (195 pages, 70+ illustrations, with exclusive bonus section including author and illustrator bios, map drawn by the author, photos of the real-life family that inspired the stories, and more). Whichever format you choose, your young readers will be even more thrilled once the story begins—it’s filled with action on every page and lots of fun all the way through.

and receive your first book for only only 10¢!
That’s a saving of over 99% for the first month and 15% every month thereafter!

Enjoyment is not all that your children will get from The Happy Hollisters mystery book series. There is a far greater value in it from your point of view as a parent: since children enjoy reading The Happy Hollisters so much, they also look forward to reading other books. And thus begins the all-important habit of good reading that goes so far in creating a rich cultural background.

As any parent knows, good books cannot be forced on children. It is only by reading books which they themselves enjoy that a life-long reading habit is formed. By giving children books like The Happy Hollisters to start, they will progress rapidly as they go along—so that by the time they reach their teen years, they will have acquired the habit of reading fine books of lasting value. This is a gift that can never be taken away from them!

Parents all over the country have written to say how much they love The Happy Hollisters. Not only because of its strong appeal to the children themselves, but also because of the character-building qualities and good moral values inherent in the stories. The Hollister children are bright-eyed, alert, and polite children with a joyful outlook on life. But they are serious-minded too. When there is a problem to be faced or a mystery to solve, they approach it with confidence and enthusiasm, and they manage to unravel it to everyone’s satisfaction. By reading these books, young readers can join the Happy Hollisters in their adventures—and along the way discover how to meet some of the challenges they may face in their own young lives.

The Happy Hollisters make everyone happy! Children like reading them because—simply—they’re fun to read! Parents appreciate the wholesome family values and character-building potential. Teachers and librarians hail them for their rich vocabulary, engaging educational themes, and value in initiating good reading habits. Why not let your children in on this uniquely worthwhile experience?

Start your membership in The Happy Hollisters Book Club foronly 10¢!

Act now, and we’ll send The Happy Hollisters, volume 1, for only 10¢! (free shipping is included within the U.S.) If he or she loves the adventures, there is nothing for you to do. Sit back and we will send two new Happy Hollister books every month and bill your credit card at the special book club price of just $9.95 each for the paperbacks or $16.95 each for the deluxe hardcovers—shipping is always free to U.S. addresses. That’s a savings of more than 15% from the regular website price. There are 33 books in the series, but there is no minimum number of books for you to take. You can discontinue your membership at any time simply by notifying us. You can even cancel immediately after receiving the very first book if you wish—but volume 1 is still yours to keep for only 10¢!

You have nothing to lose, and your family has everything to gain—a new world of reading enjoyment and the beginning of a valuable habit that will last a lifetime.

PS. If you already own a number of Happy Hollisters books but you’d still like to join the Club to complete your collection, that’s no problem! Send us an email to or call us at 727-945-7002, and let us know which volumes you currently have. We’ll then send you a customized Book Club plan for you and your young readers to consider!