Now for the first time ever, the Classic HARDY BOYS™ Book Club!

The perfect gift for aspiring detectives!
The CLASSIC Hardy Boys Book Club

All boys and girls from ages nine to fifteen who like lively adventure stories, packed with mystery and action, will want to read every one of the Hardy Boys™ stories in this 58-book classic collection by Franklin W. Dixon. Following in the footsteps of their famous detective father, teenagers Frank and Joe Hardy solve many thrilling cases and bring criminals to justice all over the world!

Start today and receive your first book for only 10¢!

Membership in The Classic Hardy Boys Book Club opens up a world of reading enjoyment for young readers, propelling them into a reading habit that is sure to benefit them for the rest of their lives.

As an introduction to the Classic Hardy Boys Book club, we’ll send volume 1, The Tower Treasure, for only 10¢—with free shipping and no further obligation on your part. Your young reader will be thrilled to receive their brand-new 180-page hardcover book with illustrations and a colorful, exciting cover. He or she will be even more thrilled once the story begins—it’s filled with action on every page and lots of fun all the way through.

These are the classic Hardy Boys books we read when we were kids – the Hardy Boys books with the blue spines, released from 1959-1979!! Over 80,000,000 total books sold! The Hardy Boys will soon celebrate their 100th anniversary, but they remain the quintessential mystery and detective stories for young readers.

and receive your first book for only only 10¢!
That’s a saving of over 99% for the first month and 15% every month thereafter!

Act now, and we’ll send your young reader the classic Hardy Boys hardcover, volume 1, The Tower Treasure, for just 10¢ (free shipping is included within the U.S.) If he or she loves the adventures, there is nothing for you to do. Sit back and we will send two new Hardy Boys hardcover books, in order, every month and charge you at the special book club price of just $10.99 each—shipping is always free to U.S. addresses! That’s a savings of more than 15% from the regular website price. There are 58 books in the series, but there is no minimum number of books for you to take. You can discontinue your child’s membership at any time simply by notifying us. You can even cancel immediately after receiving the very first book if you wish—but volume 1, The Tower Treasure, is still yours to keep for just 10¢!

You have nothing to lose, and your child has everything to gain—a new world of reading enjoyment and the beginning of a valuable habit that will last a lifetime.

Parents all over the country have written to say how much they love the classic Hardy Boys books. Not only because of its strong appeal to the children themselves, but also because of the character-building qualities and high moral values inherent in the stories. Brothers Frank and Joe Hardy are bright-eyed, alert, polite, and wholesome teenagers with a joyful outlook on life. But they are serious-minded too. When there is a problem to be faced, they approach it with confidence and enthusiasm, and they manage to unravel it to everyone’s satisfaction. By reading these books, young readers can join the Hardy Boys in their adventures—and along the way discover how to meet some of the challenges they may face in their own young lives.

These are the classic mysteries, written in the good old days before the internet, video games, computers, and cellphones. Frank and Joe solve every exciting mystery using compasses, maps, pocket knives, encyclopedias, and their wits.

PS. If you already own a number of Hardy Boys books but you’d still like to join the Club to complete your collection, that’s no problem! Send us an email to or call us at 727-945-7002, and let us know which volumes you currently have. We’ll then send you a customized Book Club plan for you and your young readers to consider!