What are some of the benefits of joining the Hardy Boys Book Club?

The Hardy Boys books have been around for several decades, and they continue to delight and excite boys and girls from around the world. What many people might not realize is that we offer The Hardy Boys book club, which will help you keep the excitement going in your own household every single month.

What’s so exciting about this endeavor? Today we’re going to explain some of the wonderful benefits of The Hardy Boys book club, so you’ll understand why you should sign up before summer begins.

The Happy Hollisters Connection

Andrew E. Svenson, author of The Happy Hollisters, was instrumental in the production of all 58 Hardy Boys books, whether it was plotting, outlining, writing, or updating. In 30 of those, he was heavily involved, having either outlined, written, or revised the stories. He wrote under the names Jerry West for The Happy Hollisters and Franklin W. Dixon for The Hardy Boys.

Old-Fashioned Family Values

The Hardy Boys were written at a time when family values meant something a lot different. But these types of values aren’t entirely gone. They can still be taught to today’s youth. You simply can’t really find these old-fashioned family values on TikTok.

The Hardy Boys stories, however, are filled with clean, wholesome fun, even when mixed with danger and excitement.

58 Amazing Mysteries in All

To say that Andrew E. Svenson was a prolific writer would be an understatement. Together with other creators, he helped forge a total of 58 amazing Hardy Boys mystery books for children. Even though they may not get as much attention as many of today’s modern books, boys and girls around the world continue to enjoy these novels.

Mystery and Adventure

The truth is that most of us will never get to live a life of adventure like the one lived by the Hardy boys. We’re not going to be going out every weekend on a new adventure or traveling to another town to solve a mystery. Yet that’s exactly what The Hardy Boys mystery series for kids allows your child to do. Sure, maybe they’re not doing it in the physical sense, but they can use their imagination to have a lot of fun.

Get the First Book for 10 Cents

Whenever you sign up for a monthly subscription, you typically expect to start off with a discount. The Hardy Boys book club is no different. You start off with the first volume, which is entitled The Tower Treasure, for a measly 10 cents.

You also receive free shipping and are under no further obligation to purchase any additional books. But just like a potato chip, we’re betting you can’t stop at just one.

New Adventure Every Month

It’s no secret that today’s kids get bored very easily. They need to be constantly fulfilled and re-energized. Although receiving a new adventure with the Hardy boys each month may not be the same as clicking through TikTok videos, it still gives them something to look forward to. They may even learn to anticipate the week when the new adventure is set to arrive in their mailbox.

Teaches Kids New Vocabulary

As a child grows, it’s important that they develop an expansive vocabulary. This will not only improve their educational capabilities, but it’ll also make it easier for them to create interpersonal and professional relationships. The Hardy Boys is written in simple language that young girls and boys can understand while also introducing them to new vocabulary.

Promotes Problem-Solving Skills

Children who learn problem-solving skills will find success in nearly every aspect of their lives. An ongoing influx of mystery novels, which is exactly what The Hardy Boys book club provides, will allow them to stretch their problem-solving muscles each month. This is a skill that will go far beyond the page in a very short period of time. Just be careful, because it might not be too long before they begin to outsmart you.

Teaches Kids About Teamwork

Even though we want our children to learn how to be individuals and strike out on their own, it’s also important that they learn how to work with others. Just like the Hollister children, the Hardy boys have learned that teamwork is the best way to solve every mystery. Even if your child were to only glean this one lesson from each story, it would probably be sufficient.

Join The Hardy Boys Book Club Today!

The Happy Hollisters and The Hardy Boys are two wonderful mystery youth novel series that have stood the test of time. If you’d like to sign up for The Happy Hollisters book club or The Hardy Boys book club membership, check them out today!