Why you should bring your children to a book fair.

Few reading-related events lend themselves to genuine nostalgia as a book fair does. A happy place where authors, publishers, and book lovers come together to celebrate the written word, a book fair offers a wonderful opportunity to discover new writers and reconnect with the classics, including numerous mystery books.

Discover Mystery Series for Kids at the Book Fair

Giving life to children’s books has always been an important goal of book fairs. Often, the best mystery books for kids are discovered at these events. Best of all, past, present, and future mystery series for children happily share space here. Attending a book fair lets you both explore the changing landscape of children’s book publishing and learn more about how reading is still one of the most important agents of change you can bring into a child’s life.

At the book fair, you’re never far away from finding good books that drive a child’s imagination!

The Imaginative Power of the Youth Mystery Novel

There’s a reason mystery book series—and book fairs—have been a staple in young children’s lives for decades. Have you ever asked another adult to name the first mystery novel they read as a child? Odds are good they quickly rattled off the title and author. That’s the power of a youth mystery novel!

Children who read mystery series enjoy diving into fun and often high-stakes adventures that are suspenseful but rarely dark or gory. Youth mystery novels are so popular because they cover a vast range of time periods and settings but still thrill with their whodunit plots and secret-solving challenges. They also encourage expanded reasoning and critical thinking skills.

It’s All Happening at the Book Fair

A book fair is a great place to buy books, but it’s also so much more:

  • It helps the local community by funding school projects and library events.
  • It attracts people from all walks of life who have varying interests, making it a perfect event for families to attend.
  • It’s a fun event for children in and of itself, but it also (sometimes sneakily) exposes them to the joys of reading.

Finally, bringing a child to the book fair gives them the opportunity to develop their reading preferences. Of course, it’s no surprise that many younger children choose mystery novels as their favorites!

The Happy Hollisters at the Book Fair

The difference between a passive young reader and a passionate one often comes down to access to great books that stimulate the imagination and instill an insatiable appetite for learning more. A book fair provides your child with a wide selection of books which they:

  • Don’t necessarily have to read for school
  • Select on their own
  • Can keep and read over and over again

Once a child falls in love with the characters in a mystery novel series, a wonderful thing happens: reading transitions from an obligation to a choice. Is there any greater gift a child can receive?

The Happy Hollisters–America’s Favorite Classic Mystery Series for Young Readers

We believe there’s no better way to promote literacy to children than by introducing them to books they might never have found otherwise. The Happy Hollisters mystery book series offers your child a world of intrigue and hours of reading pleasure. The 33-book collection can be purchased in The Happy Hollisters Trading Post Store, and each book is available as a stand-alone title or in specially curated sets of 3, 4, 6, 8, and 10 books.

Order The Happy Hollisters today to learn more about gifting your child with the love of reading through immersive mystery books that challenge their view of the world, open their minds to new ideas, and encourage them to become lifelong readers.