After a busy day at the beach, summer camp, or playing outside with friends, reading a great book is the perfect way for kids to settle down, cool off, and relax. But even when they’re reading, they can keep the summertime fun alive with The Happy Hollisters 8-Book Summer Vacation Collection!

All of these stories are set during the summer season and take young readers on adventures from the bucolic countryside to the big city, from the bright and sunny beach to a mysterious abandoned quarry. Five close-knit sleuthing siblings—Pete, Pam, Ricky, Holly, and Sue Hollister—spend their summer solving mysteries, making new friends, and trying new hobbies, from active pursuits like horseback riding and whitewater canoeing to more reflective and educational activities like rock and coin collecting.

Come along for the adventures in these eight exciting books written by Jerry West with more than two hundred illustrations by artist Helen S. Hamilton:

The Happy Hollisters on a River Trip (Volume 2)

When Pete catches a big fish with a mysterious tag and a friend goes missing on a local river, the Hollisters borrow their uncle’s boat and set off to solve both mysteries—which may be connected to each other! Kids will love feeling like they’re spending the day on a river as they learn about the importance of helping a friend in need and the necessity of bringing a compass on every adventure!

The Happy Hollisters at Sea Gull Beach (Volume 3)

In this book, the Hollister children take a summertime trip to Sea Gull Beach and aid in the search for a pirate’s long-lost treasure. They enter a kite-flying contest, take a ride in a glass- bottomed boat, and discover a new treat: clam pie! Transport your kids to a beachy adventure without tracking sand in the house!

The Happy Hollisters at Pony Hill Farm (Volume 11)

This summertime adventure is perfect for horse lovers! When the Hollisters purchase a swell hobbyhorse at a local auction, they learn it may be the key to helping a new friend claim his family’s inheritance. They also visit a farm owned by Mrs. Hollister’s cousins, where the mysterious appearance of a beautiful Appaloosa horse leads them into a related and exciting mystery.

The Happy Hollisters and the Scarecrow Mystery (Volume 14)

What do you get when you combine a canoe, a missing Geiger counter, and a “talking” scarecrow? A mystery that will particularly appeal to adventurous readers who love camping, hiking, and exploring the great outdoors! In this book, a break-in at their father’s store and a new invention give the Hollisters the opportunity to camp in a nearby forest, although a spooky scarecrow threatens to get in their way.

The Happy Hollisters and the Haunted House Mystery (Volume 21)

“Ghost hunter wanted to rid a haunted house of spooks!” When an elderly woman in Shoreham posts this ad, the Hollisters are on the case! Can they solve the mystery of this strange house where the clock strikes thirteen and the spinning wheel sings? This spooky—but not too spooky—mystery will keep kids turning the pages to see how it all ends.

The Happy Hollisters and the Secret of the Lucky Coins (Volume 22)

After Sue receives a lucky penny as a reward for a good deed, the whole family learns about coin collecting—and more—when a famous coin collection is stolen from a local museum. Kids will love joining the Hollisters on this exciting and educational treasure hunt.

The Happy Hollisters and the Castle Rock Mystery (Volume 23)

The arrival of a weather balloon in the Hollisters’ front yard kicks off an adventure involving a valuable titanium deposit and mysterious flying objects! Along the way, they become amateur rockhounds, explore an old rock quarry, learn about rocks and minerals, and take a couple of unexpected flights.

The Happy Hollisters and the Monster Mystery (Volume 32)

The Hollisters’ plan to open a toy library in their hometown takes an eerie turn when a “monster” is spotted in Shoreham! They’ll have to enlist the other members of the Shoreham Detective Club to get to the bottom of this unusual mystery.

Read all eight books in order or pick and choose the adventure that fits your mood. Celebrate summer in air-conditioned comfort, without the sticky sand and sweat—and save 20% off regular pricing with The Happy Hollisters 8-Book Summer Vacation Collection!

Where will your summer adventures begin?

by Libby Svenson Kennedy