What are the benefits of reading a physical book over an electronic screen?


Reading exercises the brain, improves concentration, develops the imagination, and so much more! Reading has the power to change a child’s life. There are enormous benefits to reading to children and huge educational payoffs from children reading on their own. In recent years there’s been a debate over whether children benefit more when reading from a physical book or a digital device. Science has shown that limiting or removing screen time during the formative years of birth until the age of five boosts a child’s brain development. The benefits of reading a book physically as opposed to reading digitally is now becoming clearer for children of all ages.


The Many Benefits of Reading a Book


Teaching children to read and enjoy books is a primary goal of early childhood education. Some people worry that a child’s screen activities will replace their print book reading. Others are concerned that the tendency to skim digital text will carry over to reading on paper. The good news is that neither is confirmed by research. In fact, multiple studies have shown that reading print books is preferred by children. It’s also a more effective way to improve and retain children’s literacy skills. Other benefits of reading a book include:

  • Better reading comprehension. Recent research shows that reading a physical book results in a better understanding when compared to digital-based reading. For parents looking to boost the benefits of reading to children between the ages of three and five, reading from a print book allows a child to stay more focused on the story.
  • Kids love print. Children, especially avid readers, actually prefer paper books to screens. They enjoy the hands-on experience. For them, there’s nothing quite like the tactile enjoyment of turning the page of a youth mystery novel as the plot progresses. They also like the greater sense of control they feel when holding a physical book.
  • Quality time with parents and grandparents. Kids love to snuggle with loved ones over a book. These experiences help kids associate reading with nurturing and set the stage for later reading success.
  • Physical books have health benefits. Too much screen time can result in eye discomfort and vision problems. And since many kids still love reading under the covers (flashlight or not), books are better when it comes to drifting off to sleep. Research from Harvard has shown that screens can have a negative effect on sleep and morning alertness.

Finally, many kids, just like adults, love owning physical book collections, including children’s mystery book series like The Happy Hollisters by Jerry West. The cover designs and jacket summaries promise great adventures inside. They can pick up their favorites at any time and recall the story or decide to read it again. Some research suggests that children who have a book library at home also exhibit higher academic achievement.

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