Book club memberships offer many benefits for your child’s reading journey!

In our view, there’s no better way to stir up a child’s imagination than through reading. A monthly book club membership that brings children’s books right to your door can be the ticket to an adventure that turns a young child into a lifelong reader!

The Many Benefits of a Book Club Membership

Books in the home have long been linked to academic achievement. Building up a home library by subscribing to a book club membership has positive payoffs in the way of improved test scores and educational attainment. Researchers also found that regardless of how many books were already in a home, adding more helped children do better in their studies.

When young readers get to make their own choices from book collections, it also increases the likelihood they’ll engage in reading more often. Just like adults who get to choose what they read, most children who are given the opportunity to pick their own children’s books, such as youth mystery novels, will happily read for pleasure. Education and personal benefits are plentiful:

  • Young readers who read independently have greater content knowledge than those who don’t.
  • The more elementary-aged children read outside a classroom setting, the higher they score on reading achievement tests.
  • Even a small amount of independent reading increases reading comprehension, spelling abilities, and better vocabulary and understanding of grammar.

Researchers say a key factor in getting children to read more is letting them play a bigger role in the process by not just picking, but by seeking out the books they like. When they do, they’re much more likely to make reading a part of their daily life, a commitment that carries into adulthood.

Mystery Series for Children

A mystery book series is an ideal way for young readers to get more involved with reading. Children’s mystery books allow them to vicariously experience suspense, danger, and fear while learning about history, travel, and other cultures. It also appeals to their natural sense of curiosity. They love the makeup and motivations of the characters and usually find one character they highly identify with. When they do, they want to return again and again to the series to see how their “hero” meets their challenge.

Good mystery novels keep readers just as interested in how the crime was committed as who committed it if they committed it at all! Learning to recognize real clues and red herrings adds a nice challenge to the books and readers improve their skills of deduction and discernment as they get to experience different plot lines while progressing through the book series.

Join The Happy Hollisters Book Club

We believe in the life-changing impact reading can have on young readers. The Happy Hollisters Book Club offers your child access to some of the best mystery books ever written for children. The complete 33-book collection is also available as stand-alone titles or in book sets of 3, 4, 6, 8 and 10, but membership in the Book Club ensures that hours of reading pleasure regularly appear in your child’s life each month.

Right now, we’re offering 1962 pricing on Book Club membership. That means you get your child’s first mystery novel for only 10¢! Shipping is free, too. The Happy Hollisters book collection may have been originally published more than 60 years ago, but these classic mystery novels still bring hours of great entertainment to thousands of young readers’ lives. Each well-written, entertaining, and engrossing volume is guaranteed to bring something amazingly special to your child’s library.

Contact The Happy Hollisters today to find out more about giving your child the gift of a book club membership. The opportunity to enjoy these timeless mystery adventures month after month now will give them a love of reading that will last far into the future.