books for birthdays give a child a ticket to another world

Struggling to find perfect gifts for your children or grandchildren’s birthdays? Books are the answer.

Finding great birthday gifts for friends and family can sometimes be difficult, especially when the date draws closer and closer. You might be thinking that you’ll need to settle on money or gift cards for a birthday gift. But luckily, the love of books will never go away!
Let’s take a look at why purchasing books for birthdays will put a smile on everyone’s face.

There’s Something for Everyone

People of all ages have a wide variety of things they love, which is why buying books for birthdays is such a fantastic idea. For those who love fiction, you can find mystery, science fiction, adventure, ghost stories, and much more. Or you can opt for something taken out of real life, such as biographies or accounts of historical events. It may take some digging to find out what they love, but once you do, you can be confident that they’ll love your gift.

Improves Vocabulary

Even if you’re an English scholar, reading books will open you up to a variety of terms and ideas that you may be unaware of. Purchasing books for birthdays or any other reason can help children and adults alike learn new vocabulary that will allow them to be more well-spoken and will often introduce them to modern terminology that may crop up in conversation.

Sharpens a Person’s Mind

Your brain works in the same way that a leg or arm muscle does. In other words, when you exercise your brain by feeding it information, you can improve intelligence. This is especially true with children because their brains are still developing and will soak in every bit of knowledge that you can provide to them. By giving books for birthdays, you are helping children improve in ways that you may not realize.

Technology Provides More Flexibility

It’s just a simple fact of life that technology rules much of today’s environment. While it’s important that children and adults have plenty of time away from the multiple screens that populate our society, books that can be downloaded onto a device such as an iPad or Kindle have become quite popular. This makes buying books easier than ever because you can choose either a hard copy or a digital one.

Allows a Child to Have Quiet Time

Children are often inundated by “information overload” due to the aforementioned technology that they’re exposed to on a daily basis. Quiet time, as in taking a break from technology, is important for a child’s development and books are the perfect way to provide stimulation during this time. Even though our world is filled with video games and streaming movies at our fingertips, there’s nothing quite like diving into a good book and forgetting the world around you.

Books Are Just Plain Fun

If you’re looking for a simple reason why giving books for birthdays is a great idea, just remember how much fun reading can be. Stories whisk people away to a new place and provide them with adventure and fun that you simply cannot get in the real world. Above all, this might be the best reason that books should be at the top of your list for special and thoughtful birthday gifts.

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