5 Reasons Why The Happy Hollisters Series is Perfect for Homeschooled Children

The Happy Hollisters series is perfect for homeschooled children, each volume a timeless classic set in the 1950’s and 60’s and written by Jerry West. This highly successful series includes 33 volumes and has sold over 11 million copies worldwide. The Happy Hollisters series has been adopted in many homeschool curriculums as it highlights family values and the importance of working together in the face of challenges. If you are considering adding these books to your curriculum, here are five reasons why The Happy Hollisters are great books for homeschooled children.

Family Values

One of the main reasons that The Happy Hollisters series is popular with many parents is its focus on family values, which is just another reason why these are excellent books for homeschooled children. Instead of focusing on an individual, these books stress the importance of a tight-knit family that works together to solve various mysteries. The emphasis on family values is drastically different from many contemporary stories, which makes these books for homeschooled children a great choice for families.

Wholesome Life Lessons

Finding a book for homeschooled children that details a wholesome life lesson is not an easy task in today’s society. However, The Happy Hollisters is a fantastic series that teaches essential life lessons in each book. With 33 books, a parent has plenty of material to choose from. books-for-homeschooled-children

50’s Time Period

The 1950′ s was a favorite time period for many people. These excellent books bring back great memories for parents or grandparents who grew up during this golden era. The combination of nostalgia and written stories provides a fantastic experience that you can share with your child as you study the ageless themes of these books for homeschooled children.

Wonderful Illustrations

Highly detailed illustrations can bring a book to life and enrich the entire reading experience. These beautiful illustrations by artist Helen S. Hamilton are a great way to view the characters in a new light and are an excellent addition to the whole series. Illustrations are especially helpful to younger readers understand the story, and this is just one more reason why these books are such a fantastic collection.

Easy to Read & Understand

The Happy Hollisters are easy and fun to read for almost any age. The mysteries in each of these books will compel young readers to continue to learn and develop a love for reading, while the rich vocabulary expands their communication skills. These timeless books are also available in a Kindle version, which is highly convenient for young homeschoolers that prefer to read with a mobile device.
The Happy Hollisters is an American classic that continues to delight readers of all ages. Parents or grandparents who share these books with their homeschooled children will not be disappointed. These books are available as individual volumes or in several themes sets, including “Travel the USA” and “Summer Reading 6-pack.” If you want to learn more about The Happy Hollisters series, feel free to check out these books in our online store.