Why The Happy Hollisters are great for summer reading.

The Happy Hollisters, written by Andrew E. Svenson, has been popular with kids of all ages for more than half a century. It’s remained one of the best mystery books for children of all time, and we’re always excited when a new reader discovers this series.

If you’re searching for great books for summer reading, you simply can’t go wrong with The Happy Hollisters. Today, we’re going to take a look at why kids should read this amazing series of 33 books and why you should consider getting them in hardcover.

Why Kids Should Read The Happy Hollisters

The Happy Hollisters is a wonderful mystery book series for all types of kids. Here are just some of the reasons why they should be reading these books over the summer:

Mystery & Adventure Stories

First and foremost, The Happy Hollisters series is filled with mystery and adventure stories. They make great books for summer reading because kids can follow along and try to solve the mystery before the characters do. Not only is this fun, but it teaches kids problem-solving skills as they piece the clues together.

Improves Their Vocabulary

Like other kids’ novels, The Happy Hollisters is filled with new and exciting vocabulary for your children to learn. The books are definitely age-appropriate, but every once in a while, your child may come across a word they don’t know. This allows them to learn new words in the context of the story. You can even have them come to you whenever there’s a word, they’re not familiar with so that you can teach them yourself.

Teaches About Teamwork

The Happy Hollisters is a story about siblings, their parents, and sometimes other relatives. A big part of each story is how the Hollister family works together to solve a mystery. This will teach your child the importance of teamwork. They’ll learn how working together can help them achieve whatever goal they’ve set for themselves.

Gets Them Off the Phone

It’s no secret that today’s kids practically live on their phones. It’s almost like their phone is another appendage. By using The Happy Hollisters books for summer reading, you can give your children something to do that doesn’t involve staring at a screen all day. Even if they only read for an hour per day, at least that’s a start.

Why Kids Should Choose Hardcover Books

If you’re thinking about ordering some of The Happy Hollisters books, you might want to pick up the hardcover versions.

Here are some of the benefits that hardcover has over softcover:

Less Prone to Damage

Even the best-made softcover books can’t hold a candle to the durability of a hardcover book. The tough covers make them less prone to damage. Even when you drop them, the covers and the pages themselves are less likely to crease, crumple, or tear. Hardcover books will even repel a degree of moisture from their covers.

They May Last Longer

If you take really good care of a paperback book, it’ll probably last you quite a few years. But since hardcover books are so durable, they’re likely to last longer. You can take them anywhere and read them multiple times, and you might not see any wear and tear at all. You should still be careful and treat them with respect, as you do all books, but they can definitely outlast softcover books with little effort.

Looks Great on a Shelf

Don’t get us wrong. Softcover books look great on a shelf, too. But there’s something about hardcover books that really stands out.

Their covers often have an advanced design, even on the spine. They’re also larger than paperbacks, making them look and feel more regal. Get a bunch of them together, and they’ll act like an actual decoration.

Higher Quality Paper

Hardcover books will usually use a higher quality of paper. This higher stock resists damage and is less likely to crease or tear. Even though hardcover books often cost more than paperbacks, the higher quality of the paper alone makes the extra expense worth it. It’s another reason why so many people choose hardcover books.

Contact The Happy Hollisters to Buy Books for Summer Reading

If you’re looking for books for summer reading, look no further than The Happy Hollisters. These books have charmed and educated children for more than 50 years. If you have any questions about our book club membership or would like to place an order, check out our store today.