Lessons children’s mystery books offer to young readers.

Want to foster a life-long love of reading in a child? Children’s mystery books are an especially potent way to engage kids in reading for pleasure. The lessons they teach and the powerful skills they instill in a child can be drawn out in every stage of life. Besides, mystery books for kids, both new and tried and true, are a lot of fun!

The Appeal of Mystery Books for Kids

Familiarity of characters is a big part of what keeps children loyal to their favorite youth mystery novels. The good feeling that comes from being able to handle the reading level and story lines of this type of children’s story books also makes kids more likely to read them again and again, often into adolescence and beyond.

Children love The Happy Hollisters so much because they fire up their inner sleuth. Danger, mystery, and excitement are set up from the start, and pages are quickly turned as kids attempt to find clues and solve dilemmas before the main characters do. Younger children in particular can share exciting and animated conversations with you about what might happen and what they think characters will do in certain situations.

The Secret Benefits of Children’s Story Books

The best children’s book series provide young readers with suspense, intrigue, and puzzles to solve while also imparting important, under-the-radar educational advantages by:

  • Getting kids to think differently, discovering important little details they might not otherwise notice.
  • Fostering deductive reasoning.
  • Making kids ask “why?”

The Happy Hollisters series also focuses on core family values. They’re a fully functional family who live, love, and learn together. Children reading the books today can learn a great deal about what it means to work as a family unit.

Here are just three of our favorite storylines from The Happy Hollisters mystery series for children that impart noble principles like kindness, integrity, and compassion.

  1. The Happy Hollisters at Circus Island is an exciting tale for readers 6-12 years old that explores the strange and wonderful circus world. Along with learning how to tightrope walk and tumble, the children also learn the valuable lesson that behind a clown’s smile there is often a sorrowful story.
  2. The Happy Hollisters and the Indian Treasure involves a lot of fun with bows and arrows and riding bareback on Pinto ponies. The Hollister children learn that helping others regain their happiness is often one of life’s best rewards.
  3. The Happy Hollisters and the Monster Mystery is a wonderful step back in time to when UFO sightings were all the rage. In addition to hunting down the mysterious Shoreham Monster, the children begin a new project, a toy library where kids who can’t afford to buy toys can borrow them instead.

Give the Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

A retro blast from the past, The Happy Hollisters is still one of the most well-regarded children’s mystery book collections for kids. First published in 1953, the best-selling series saw over 16 million copies sold in the 1960s and more than one million girls and boys joined The Happy Hollisters Book Club. Many loyal fans of the books have become lifelong lovers of mystery novels.

The good news is that book club memberships are available once more and are a terrific way to encourage your child’s love of reading. The 33-volume series features the faithfully reproduced original illustrations by Helen S. Hamilton, and each volume can be enjoyed in both paperback and digital formats. The books are a great way for adults who loved the books as children to share them with their own children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and other treasured children in their lives. Order your copies of The Happy Hollisters or join our book club today!