Can you imagine anything more exciting than taking your child on a journey? Children love adventure, and they embrace new lands, characters, and experiences with an incredible curiosity. Reading together can be such a journey. When you read stories to your child, the two of you set off together to investigate new places and share experiences. Reading to your child isn’t just something you do for fun. While the time spent together as you share great stories is priceless, reading a classic children’s book series to your child encourages them to start using the language centers of their brain. So, as you enjoy their giggles when the story becomes humorous, or you anticipate the glistening of their eyes as a mystery unfolds, you are also enhancing their learning abilities.

Reading with your children prepares them for success in a way that few other activities can. The perfect type of story to share with your child is a classic children’s book series you once enjoyed as a child. Knowing that you enjoyed the same stories when you were their age allows your child to develop a connection with you through the characters. Reading will also instill curiosity to learn more as the story unfolds. Journey together through one mystery and learn new and interesting facts that can relate to their world. Your child will be eager to continue finding out more about the characters’ lives and the mysteries they attempt to solve.

When you read with your child, you are helping them to exercise their brain and reinforcing their concentration skills. Reading is not only just a great time to spend with your child; you can teach them about the world they live in through the story. As your child reads along, they are improving their vocabulary skills and developing a wonderful imagination. Another great benefit of opening your child’s world up to books is the ability for them to build empathy as they see how the book’s characters solve the problems with others.

By choosing a classic children’s book series, you open up a relationship for your child to develop with the characters. They will cheer and embrace all the events the characters go through as they develop a yearning to learn more and discover how the mysteries are solved.

The perfect classic children’s book series to start with your child is The Happy Hollisters. You may remember them as a favorite when you were growing up as you followed the adventures of Pete, Ricky, Holly, and Sue. Start your young reader on an experience today and introduce them to the wonderful world of the Happy Hollisters.

Classic children’s book series, like The Happy Hollisters, encompass a whole range of learning possibilities. They are written for young children by an experienced author who knew just what ignites a young mind’s interest and curiosity. The series includes educational and wholesome family themes, but children are not even aware that they are learning as they follow their favorite characters through one adventure after another. Written as a series of stories and experiences, each book will end with just enough intrigue to encourage your child to want to open the next book.

The Happy Hollisters follows the lives of five children as they find and solve intriguing mysteries in their hometown, across the U.S. and around the world. Through the series, your child will learn about the wholesome values of a happy family as they share in the fun and adventures the five children experience. Each book in the series is filled with adventure and intrigue, and intermixed with valuable life lessons.

You and your child will find yourselves anxious to turn each page as you follow this close-knit family through their journeys. Order your copies of The Happy Hollisters for your book collections today and start your child on a life filled with a love for reading.