Whether you’re searching for a way to keep your kids hooked on reading while school is out for the summer or a homeschooling parent looking for a fun way to bring more books into your child’s curriculum, the Happy Hollisters Reading Challenge is a great way to keep the pages turning. Author Andrew Svenson, who wrote the series under the pseudonym Jerry West, loved encouraging children to become lifelong readers, and we’re carrying on his legacy of encouragement by rewarding enthusiastic young readers for their accomplishments.

Here’s how it works:

First and foremost, your child needs to make their way through the entire Happy Hollisters series. This may sound challenging, but with relatable characters, stunning cliffhangers, and around-the-world adventures, the 33 books were written to keep children engaged in solving mysteries, excited about each story, and eager to dive into one volume after another. Many of the books revolve around specific holidays or seasons, which means they can easily be incorporated into homeschooling lessons or read throughout the year. The books do not have to be read in order, although many young readers prefer to do it that way.

If you want to up the stakes of the challenge, have your child write a book review or report about each book in the series. They could also draw their favorite scenes or characters if they are feeling extra creative. You might also develop short quizzes for each book and test your child’s knowledge once they’re finished reading. Our coloring and activity books also offer fun opportunities for your child to connect further with the characters by adding their own color to the memorable scenes or strengthen their reading comprehension with activities like matching games and crossword puzzles.

When your child is finished reading the series—whether they read our new paperback reissues, digital versions, or even your old vintage hardcovers—let us know by email at Support@TheHappyHollsters.com. Better yet, we’d love to read their book reports or see their drawings, so feel free to share them with us! Once you let us know that your child has completed the series, they’ll receive a personalized certificate of lifetime membership in the Shoreham Detective Club, celebrating their status as a Super Sleuth! It’ll be a swell reward for completing the series and will make them feel like they’re hanging out with Pete, Pam, Ricky, Holly, and Sue even once the series is over.

Happy Reading!