Why you should add The Happy Hollisters to your child’s reading list!

Teachers and child education experts have long maintained that less screen time and more reading time during a child’s formative years is optimal for brain development. A recent study conducted by researchers at the Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation used MRI scans to compare the two activities.


For book lovers, it might come as no surprise that reading was shown to increase brain connectivity. The authors of the study found that parents who introduce children’s storybooks early on in their child’s life help increase their literacy and language skills. Having a homeschool reading curriculum that includes youth mystery novels is a great way to build a strong foundation for mastery of reading skills.


Advantages of Mystery Book Series for Kids:

  • Increase academic performance. While it’s important to offer guidance in selecting appropriate reading material, research also shows that children who choose their own books become better readers. While choosing what interests them, they’re more likely to read for fun. Book collections also introduce kids to textual and visual patterns such as plot, characters, and dialogue.
  • Teachable moments. The Happy Hollisters series, originally published between 1953 and 1970, teaches children about life as it was when their parents were kids. The situations they encounter sometimes present a new perspective and offer a stepping-off point to discussions of history and how American life has changed since the books were written.


  • Encourage further reading. When kids discover a book they like or characters they relate to, they want to immediately read all the books in that series. Mystery books for kids, especially those in The Happy Hollisters series, often take place in different locales and give insights into varied cultures. You won’t have to worry about whether they’re getting enough variety in their reading. Also, the odds are high that once they develop a love of reading through a mystery series, they’ll be enthusiastic about reading other children’s storybooks.


  • Complex storytelling. There’s a richness to mystery book series because they feature fully-developed characters who get involved in interesting plots. That keeps a child’s interest high in reading successive books as they come to identify with the characters’ lives.


  • Consistency. On the flip side, children enjoy the element of predictability of what they can expect from a mystery series. When they already understand the characters, basic plot constructs, and role dynamics, reading each new book increases their comprehension and overall reading confidence.

Mystery book series for children are a great inspiration for real-life activities. For example, in the very first book in the series, “The Happy Hollisters,” the children hunt for a hidden treasure in their own home, a game you can easily recreate. If they enjoy “The Happy Hollisters and the Merry-Go-Round Mystery,” a visit to a local carousel or online exploration of their history can be fun.


Discover the Joy of the Happy Hollisters Book Club Membership


Making reading fun is an important part of any homeschool reading curriculum. Mystery series offer a mix of books that challenge and enhance your child’s education while instilling in them a lifelong love of reading.


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