What are some common mystery fiction themes in both The Happy Hollisters and The Hardy Boys series?

The Happy Hollisters  is one of the most popular mystery fiction series for kids of all time. Because of this popularity, it’s been compared to similar series such as The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew.

The Happy Hollisters, written by Andrew Svenson (under the pen name Jerry West) shares some similarities with The Hardy Boys, so we thought it’d be fun to discuss some common themes and how they relate specifically to the Hollister family and The Hardy Boys. It’s no coincidence that the two series are alike in several ways; Andrew Svenson also outlined and wrote about 30 Hardy Boys books (under the name Franklin W. Dixon).


A big reason so many people love The Happy Hollisters and The Hardy Boys is how both series are about a family of mystery solvers and adventurers. In fact, family is an important aspect of every story. Every person in the Hollister family, children and adults, shares a love and respect for each other that often seems to leap off the page.


Just like The Hardy Boys, a running theme in The Happy Hollisters is teamwork. Whenever an adventure unfolds, the Hollister children rarely act as individuals, and even when they do, they come together throughout the story and at the very end. This theme is important to teach children because much of what they’ll handle during their lives requires teamwork to make it happen.


Mystery fiction wouldn’t be nearly as popular as it is if it wasn’t for the curiosity of the characters involved. Forget the adage that curiosity killed the cat. In these stories, curiosity about the world is what defines many of the characters’ actions. Curiosity leads to new discoveries, tons of excitement, and ultimately the solving of a mystery that often seems to be unsolvable.


While many readers get into these types of books because of the mysteries involved, they also adore The Happy Hollisters and The Hardy Boys for the excitement and intrigue. Each book involving the Hollister family has excitement at every turn. You never know what to expect and you never know how a specific situation is going to work itself out. This often keeps readers stuck to their seats as they wait to find out how each chapter will unfold.


Given the fact that they’re both mystery fiction series, The Happy Hollisters and The Hardy Boys share a lot of themes, but perhaps the most important for many readers is courage. After all, the world at large can be a very scary place and there are many stresses that even young kids must deal with. These book series show that even children can be courageous in the way they handle a variety of situations.


As you read through any book involving the Hollisters or the Hardy Boys, you quickly learn that solutions to mysteries rarely come easy for them. This is another theme and life lesson that can be indispensable for young readers to understand.

Whenever the characters are met with a difficult situation, they don’t give up. Instead, they persevere. This is a theme that young people need to learn to adapt to their own lives.


Many young children love The Happy Hollisters and The Hardy Boys for the simple fact that friendship is such a big part of each story. The Hollisters and the Hardy Boys often involve their friends as they work toward a common goal and they do so as a close-knit group that respects and cares for each other. Young readers understand this concept very easily and will often use the relationships in the books to enhance their own real-life interactions.


Even though many of us are familiar with the old adage that “kids should be kids,” the truth is that children can be under a great deal of stress. The Happy Hollisters and The Hardy Boys series will often put their characters in situations that seem dire as well, but hope is what helps them get through it.

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