How a popular book series can be a great addition to any homeschool reading list.

One of the most challenging aspects of teaching, whether it be in the classroom or in homeschooling, is motivating children to read. Not all children become avid readers on their own. While every child learns differently, including a popular book series in your homeschool reading list, especially one that expands beyond printed text into popular culture, has been shown to provide encouragement for students to read.

How Popular Book Series Affect Reading Development

Children’s author Andrew E. Svenson may be best known for writing the popular Happy Hollisters series (under the pen name Jerry West), but he also wrote extensively for other book series, including youth mystery novels such as The Hardy Boys and The Bobbsey Twins. Many adults today still have cherished volumes in their own book collections, a testament to the enduring impact these books have on young readers.

The benefits of reading at every stage of a child’s development are well documented, and incorporating one or more popular book series into the reading process makes it a fun, rewarding experience. As an instructor, you can use the elements of a book series to teach a variety of academic skills including fluency, comprehension, deduction, rule following, and pattern recognition.

Reading a popular book series works well because the books contain familiar characters and language as well as easy-to-follow storylines that feature situations most children relate to or daydream about. Over time, even the most reluctant of readers become more engaged and enthusiastic as they become more invested in their favorite characters’ lives and relationships.

Books Series in the Classroom

Many teachers are unsure how to use a popular book series in a classroom setting, but a series can be an incredible tool in a child’s education and personal development.

  • Children can start a reading journal where they summarize each chapter and give examples of how they might have handled a situation differently.
  • Lessons that focus on higher level thinking skills, vocabulary, and word study helps develop an understanding of key story details.
  • Small guided reading groups teach kids strategies that help them progress to the next reading level.

Children who have access to great books go on to become accomplished readers. Integrating one or more popular book series into your child’s education is a terrific technique for hooking their interest and get them reading more frequently on their own initiative.

Introducing Children to a Popular Book Series Like The Happy Hollisters

A great way to get kids started on their reading adventure is with a series like The Happy Hollisters, the popular mystery book series that inspires a child’s imagination and love for reading while offering carefully detailed educational themes. Each book stands on its own, which means children can start by picking the topics that interest them most and then move on to other volumes that feature characters they’re already invested in.

Teaching and raising a child who loves to read can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. To learn more about our popular book series, or to join the Happy Hollisters Book Club, contact us today.