Hardy Boys_14_Hidden Harbor Mystery

HB14. The Hidden Harbor Mystery HARDCOVER


Frank and Joe Hardy are asked to clear the name of Southern man Bart Worth, who is being sued for a story in his newspaper, which claimed a local family obtained their wealth through piracy and smuggling. During their investigation, the Hardys have their hands full, with close calls with a mysterious lake “monster” and the rumors of a long-lost treasure.

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The boys once again have jumped into the thick of a complicated mystery. Samuel Blackstone and his brother Ruel Rand live on adjacent properties, and it appears that one of them is out to hurt the other because they are both attacked. Frank and Joe soon learn that treasure is rumored to be hidden between the two properties, and as they investigate, they learn that others are involved in the apparent plot between the two brothers. Spooky mansions, secret passages and rooms, mysterious characters, and a monster provide an enjoyable atmosphere to this Hardy Boys mystery.

Hardcover; 177 pages; illustrations, only $11.95 (includes FREE Shipping in the USA!)

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