Hardy Boys_28_Sign of the Crooked Arrow

HB28.The Sign of the Crooked Arrow


While investigating a wave of jewelry-store holdups in their hometown, Frank and Joe Hardy are contacted by their cousin, and fly to her cattle ranch in New Mexico. Cowboys are mysteriously disappearing from Crowhead Ranch, one after another.
Hardcover; 178 pages; illustrations, only $11.95 (includes FREE Shipping in the USA!)

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With only the slender clue of an arrow-shaped tie clasp, Frank and Joe Hardy pick up the trail of a cunning gang of thieves responsible for a wave of jewelry-store holdups. But their investigations are interrupted when a desperate plea for help comes from their widowed cousin who lives on a cattle ranch in New Mexico. Frank, Joe, and their pal Chet fly there immediately, and manage to put an end to the trouble at the ranch and solve the jewelry-store robberies.

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