Hardy Boys_5_Hunting for Hidden Gold

HB5. Hunting for Hidden Gold HARDCOVER


Frank Hardy and younger brother Joe head to Montana, in search of hidden treasure, supposedly hidden near the small village of Lucky Lode. On the way to the town, and while there, the brothers’ life is threatened by an unknown enemy and they soon find themselves in a treasure hunting race against a band of ruthless gangsters.

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Timber wolves, a Rocky Mountain blizzard, and a mine cave-in are only a few of the perils Frank and Joe Hardy encounter during their search for the principal members of a notorious gang responsible for a payroll robbery.

In the old Montana mining camp of Lucky Lode, the young detectives puzzle over a series of mysterious events. A piano-playing ghost haunts the long-abandoned dance hall. Eerie blue lights flash from the hilltop cemetery in the dark of night. Strange men arrange a meeting at Shadow the Bear. A suspect disappears through a curtain of frozen ice.

How are these events related to the men who kidnapped the boys in Chicago? Who booby-trapped the helicopter which flew the young detectives to the ghost town? And what ever happened to Bart Dawson who seemingly deserted his gold-mining partners twenty-five years ago?

Clue by clue, Frank and Joe cleverly fit into place the scattered pieces of this dangerous puzzle and come up with the astonishing solution.

Hardcover; 177 pages; illustrations, only $11.95 (includes FREE Shipping in the USA!)

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