Hardy Boys_8_Mystery of Cabin Island

HB8. The Mystery of Cabin Island HARDCOVER


With two mysteries to solve, Frank and Joe must climb aboard their iceboat the Sea Gull to reach Cabin Island, where a belligerent stranger orders them off. Sabotage to the boat, danger to themselves, and a ghostly prowler do not daunt the Hardy boys in their search for Johnny Jefferson and for clues to stolen antique medals. How the teenage investigators outwit a ruthless foe and succeed in solving both mysteries makes for mounting suspense in this brisk-paced adventure.

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After the Hardy Boys crack a car theft ring in The Shore Road Mystery, Elroy Jefferson, a wealthy resident of Bayport, offers them the use of his private retreat on Cabin Island. He also promises them another mystery to solve but actually provides two: the Hardys must locate the whereabouts of a missing collection of highly valuable medals and also find the wealthy old man’s grandson, Johnny, who has gone missing from school. Holidaying on Cabin Island with pals Chet Morton and Biff Hooper, the boys are repeatedly harangued by shady Mr. Hanleigh who is simply paying their cabin too much attention!

Hardcover; 178 pages; illustrations, only $11.95 (includes FREE Shipping in the USA!)

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