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HH30. The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Golden Witch HARDCOVER Special Edition


Spooky things are happening in Shoreham as Halloween approaches . . . the Hollisters stumble on an ancient gravestone with a cryptic message about a hidden treasure, and a mysterious stranger is snooping around the countryside for a golden weathervane in the shape of a witch on a broomstick. Fun and frights abound as the children work together to solve these intertwined mysteries!



The Happy Hollisters are excited about the upcoming autumn season, with plans for pumpkin decorating, bobbing for apples, and the Shoreham Halloween parade. They decide to host a party for their friends and Farmer Johnson offers the use of his barn for the festivities in exchange for the children’s help selling pumpkins at his farm stand. The mysteries begin almost right away, when the horn on Farmer Johnson’s old Model T Ford begins to blow . . . when no one is in the car! Pete and Pam spy a girl in a red jacket running away from the barn, but she escapes into the woods before they can ask who she is. On the chase, they stumble on an ancient gravestone behind the barn—upon which is written a cryptic message about a hidden treasure. Then a stranger asks for the children’s help finding a weathervane in the shape of a golden witch. Could all of these mysteries be related, and will they be solved before they interfere with the children’s Halloween festivities?
Hardcover (8.75″ x 5.75″); 195 pages with 20 illustrations and 13 bonus pages.
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