Nancy Drew_21_Secret in the Old Attic

ND21. The Secret in the Old Attic


Nancy searches the attic of the rundown March mansion for the unpublished musical manuscripts that can save Philip March and his granddaughter from financial ruin.



Nancy Drew races against time to unravel the clues in a dead man’s letters. If she succeeds, Philip March and his little granddaughter can be saved from financial ruin. Following obscure clues, Nancy undertakes a search for some unpublished musical manuscripts which she believes are hidden in the dark, cluttered attic of the rundown March mansion. But someone else wants them enough to put many frightening obstacles in Nancy’s way. Will she outwit a trio of ruthless thieves and solves the Marches’ problems?

Hardcover; 177 pages; illustrations, only $12.95 (includes FREE Shipping in the USA!)

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