Nancy Drew_30_Clue of the Velvet Mask

ND30. The Clue of the Velvet Mask


Nancy and George switch identities to solve art and jewel thefts at parties given by wealthy people.



A masquerade party at the Hendricks’ mansion quickly turns into a mystery when Nancy and her favorite date, Ned Nickerson, spy a stranger about to climb the rose trellis to the second story. Who is this enigmatic man in the black cloak and the exotic woman in the Javanese costume? Are they members of a gang of wily thieves who sneak into partied given by wealthy people and steal jewels and art treasures? And why is the owner of the black velvet hooded mask that Ned finds in the Hendricks’ garden so desperate to get it back? To find the answers Nancy and her friend George devise a daring plan. The two girls switch identities! George soon discovers that while it is exciting to play amateur detective it can be dangerous to masquerade as Nancy Drew.

Hardcover; 177 pages; illustrations, only $12.95 (includes FREE Shipping in the USA!)

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