Old Clipper Ship

HH12. The Happy Hollisters and the Old Clipper Ship


The Hollisters are on their way to Boston on the trail of a long-lost ship captain’s log. Famous movie star Gregory Grant is also headed east to star in a movie about clipper ships. He invites the children to come along, offering them parts in the movie while they search for more clues!

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When lightning strikes a tree outside the Hollister home, it falls on a car, and the children help the injured driver get out. The young man, Tom King, is on his way from Hawaii to Boston. He tells the children that he is searching for a ship captain’s log that may prove he is legally entitled to a large inheritance. The only clue he has are sketches of an unidentified clipper ship which he hopes to find. The children offer to help, of course, and the excitement grows when Gregory Grant and Lisa Sarno, the famous movie stars, arrive in Shoreham. They, too, are on their way to Boston to film a motion picture, and they invite the children to come along to help Tom King—and they offer the children small parts in the movie! The two adventures share a curious connection, and the Hollisters once again prove their abilities as master sleuths in unraveling the clues.

Paperback; 178 pages with 19 illustrations. $11.95

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