What are some of the “rare” titles reissued by The Happy Hollisters?

The Happy Hollisters books, written by acclaimed author Andrew E. Svenson, are some of the best youth mystery novels of their kind. Taking place in a bygone era and reminding us of a much-simpler time, these mystery books for children are filled with adventure, suspense, and good ol’ family fun and values!

Since the entire series went out of print in 1971, some of the original hardcover Happy Hollisters books have become harder to find than others over the years. All 33 volumes have now been reissued in paperback format, and hardcovers are in production. If any of these are missing from your library, you can supplement your collection with new reissues. You’ll be glad you did — and so will your children! These rare book titles are now easier than ever to find!

The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Mexican Idol (Volume 31)

The Happy Hollisters’ favorite cartoonist, their own Uncle Russ, invites the family to Mexico to help research his next cartoon strip. Before their adventure can kick into full gear, his map to the long-lost Temple of the Laughing Idol goes missing. Now it’s up to our favorite family of detectives to locate the map and find the temple so that their uncle’s trip will be a success. Set against a Mexican backdrop, this book is a story filled with both mystery and Mayan culture.

The Happy Hollisters and the Monster Mystery (Volume 32)

UFO sightings were all the rage when this book was originally published in 1969, but these days, UFO sightings are about as rare as these vintage Happy Hollisters books. After several unusual objects are seen in the skies above Shoreham, the townsfolk are living in fear that an alien monster is among them. Weird things are happening, from a doll stolen from the new “toy library” at school to strange footprints found in the mud. It’s up to our intrepid group of mystery hunters to discover what’s going on.

The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Midnight Trolls (Volume 33)

This final volume of the original Happy Hollisters mystery novel series is a rare gem, difficult to find affordably in vintage hardcover. It seems that “midnight trolls” are causing mischief and giving their grandmother a real headache, so the Happy Hollisters are called in to find out who these trolls are and what their endgame is. The mystery really starts going deep when Mr. Hollister’s sailplane invention is pirated, leading to a trip to Iceland and another mystery that might be tied to the trolls, too.

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