Why it’s important for children to read mystery books.

Over the years, more and more parents have been making the switch to homeschooling as an alternative to traditional education. If you’ve been considering this or have already started teaching your children from home, then you’re surely aware of the importance of giving your children opportunities to excel.

Finding the best books for homeschooled children is probably on your list of things to do each year. You definitely won’t go wrong with mystery books. When you get kids to read mystery books as part of their regular education, you’ll discover there are several benefits.

Mysteries Introduce New Concepts, Words, Etc.

While many books will teach new concepts and words to readers, mysteries often have a specific way of presenting their plotlines and situations that will expand a young reader’s knowledge. Children who read mystery books will gain a greater understanding of the law and legal procedure, for instance. Plus, they’ll often be presented with legal terminology.

Mysteries Concentrate on the Details

Anyone who has read mystery books can tell you that they are, by their very nature, quite detailed due to clues that lead the reader toward the resolution. If certain descriptions or pieces of information are missing, that mystery may not be as fulfilling. This attention to detail will improve your child’s vocabulary and teach them about the world in which they live.

Mysteries Engage Kids and Make Them Think

The greatest thing about getting your kids to read mystery books is that it engages them to think through the situations and process the clues that are presented to them. Most children will be enthralled by the challenge to solve the mystery on their own before reaching the end of the book. Among other things, this helps them improve their analytical skills.

Mysteries Often Make Children Central Characters

Children enjoy reading books that have primary characters similar to their own age because it makes them feel empowered. Plus, they can relate to the characters better than they can with other stories. By choosing to read mystery books that are youth-focused, you are helping them become more engaged and interested in the story.

Mysteries Teach Them About “Right” and “Wrong”

A common theme in many mystery books is that one or more characters have broken the law or moral codes, and other characters are attempting to bring them to justice. When you encourage homeschooled children to read mystery books, they’ll develop a greater sense of right and wrong in a controlled environment. This prepares them for the real world, especially when faced with moral dilemmas.

Mysteries Encourage Revisiting the Book

While all of us probably have that favorite book we’ve reread numerous times, children have a tendency to absorb information and then move on. When they read mystery books, many of them will revisit the story from the very beginning to see the clues they had missed as they attempted to solve the mystery the first time around.

The Happy Hollisters Are Great Mystery Books for Kids

Children who read mystery books will absolutely love The Happy Hollisters. This wholesome family sets a great example for children of all ages, thanks to the wonderfully written stories in these youth mystery novels by Andrew E. Svenson and illustrated by Helen S. Hamilton. This best-selling mystery series has been around since 1953, proving that children still love a good mystery. The books are now available as paperbacks and eBooks, and for an even more engaging experience, join The Happy Hollisters Book Club for reading adventures and mysteries delivered right to your door.