Beat the summer reading slide by reading with your children this summer.

Want to keep your child entertained during the long, hot summer vacation? Playground slides, pool slides, and amusement park super slides make for a ton of summer fun. The “summer reading slide,” on the other hand, can have the not-so-fun effect of seeing all the knowledge and grade level your child worked so hard for during the school year slip away.

What is the Summer Reading Slide?

Ever since researchers discovered that a summer break from both traditional or home-school classroom time contributed to learning issues for some students, teachers and parents have been looking for ways to address what’s known as the summer reading slide and help children maintain their reading levels.

Taking a nice long vacation from reading may sound like paradise to a lot of children, but it makes it that much more difficult for them to pick up where they left off. The result? Lower test scores and a delay in realizing new achievements as the school year starts up again.

How to Beat the Reading Slide

The best way to do battle with the reading slide is by encouraging your child to devote a bit of time each day to keeping up her or his reading skills. The benefits, particularly to elementary-age children are significant. Some ways you and your child can work together to develop a love of year-round reading include:

  • To make it feel less like an assignment, encourage your child to read what interests them most. Whether they love youth mystery novels or graphic novels, getting them to read more is the goal. Book collections that include the same cast of characters and themes are a great way to drive reading interest in children of all ages.
  • Suggest one or two books that are a bit above your child’s comprehension level, especially if the material relates to a topic or genre they’re enthusiastic about. It will give them a head start on the challenges they’ll meet in the new school year.
  • Subscribe to an email list or summer reading program for your child’s favorite authors and books so they can stay-up-to-date and inspired to keep reading.

Mystery Books Offer Exciting Summer Learning to Avoid the Reading Slide

Beating the summer reading slide is essential to helping your children maintain long-term academic achievement. If you’re searching for a genre that offers excitement, thrills, and intrigue, mystery fiction is a wonderful way to go. Kids love well-written stories that cover a variety of settings and subjects and enjoy trying to decipher the clues and figure out whodunit before the book ends.

The Happy Hollisters Will Help Your Children Beat the Reading Slide

The Happy Hollisters mystery book series is a terrific addition to any child’s summer reading list. They’re fun, wholesome page-turners with realistic settings and a smart sense of humor that isn’t often found in mystery literature for children today.

Contact The Happy Hollisters today for more information about reading mystery books to avoid the summer reading slide.