Are The Hardy Boys a Great Holiday Gift? Yes! Here’s Why…

The Hardy Boys is one of the most popular and recognizable book series of all time. This mystery series for kids began in 1927 and was published all the way up until 2005. It has amassed an incredible 190 volumes (the purists will sometimes say that only the first 58 volumes are “canon”) and sparked multiple TV series, comic books, video games, and more.

The Hardy Boys mysteryseries still has fans all around the world and new ones are discovering the series every day. Today, we’re going to discuss why The Hardy Boys will make such a great Christmas or holiday gift this season.

What Are The Hardy Boys Books All About?

The Hardy Boys mystery series for kids focuses on a pair of brothers, Frank and Joe Hardy, who are teenage sleuths. They’ve been taught detective skills by their father and use those skills to solve various mysteries all around the world. There are dozens of adventures available that allow kids to solve the mystery themselves while teaching them valuable skills and information about the world around them.

Why Do The Hardy Boys Make a Great Holiday Gift?

Books always make wonderful gifts for kids because they improve children’s vocabulary, help them use their imagination, teach them valuable life lessons, and many other benefits. Here are some of the reasons why The Hardy Boys, in particular, are perfect for the holidays:

Children Are the Main Characters

As the success of many kids’ series have shown, children love to see themselves involved in the stories they’re watching. The Hardys have always been portrayed as teenagers, which makes them the perfect age for younger and older kids. They’ll be delighted at watching kids that are their own age or close to it go off on adventures and solve mysteries that stump many adults. This can help them gain confidence that they’ll be able to succeed in school and in society as a whole.

Family-Friendly Mystery Stories

The holidays are meant to be a wholesome time and The Hardy Boys books help celebrate that. By and large, these stories are very family-friendly in nature. You won’t find any sexual subjects nor heavy violence. They take place at what many people consider to be a simpler, more reserved time. This can help your kids learn better values and improve the way they deal with others. They may resist it first because the characters don’t have cell phones or video games, but they’ll quickly adapt.

Teaches Kids Right and Wrong

It’s important that you teach your kids right from wrong at an early age. This kind of lesson can take years and The Hardy Boys youth mystery novels can help. In each story, something nefarious has occurred and the two brothers must solve the mystery. Along the way, they’ll be faced with moral and ethical choices and lessons that your children can learn from. You can often use specific storylines as a launching-off point to discuss with them why certain actions are seen as inappropriate or wrong.

Increases a Child’s Curiosity

Children are curious by nature and it’s important that you foster that curiosity as much as possible. The Hardy Boys are popular mystery books, which means that they’re primarily about cause and effect. Your child’s curiosity will be piqued as they learn why a culprit did what they chose to do. Fostering their curiosity will help them read much more advanced books later in life. This may also get them to research certain subjects that they come across during each story.

Teaches Them to Pay Attention

Getting kids to pay attention these days is extremely difficult, especially when something isn’t happening on some type of screen. In The Hardy Boys, readers are always subjected to small details that could provide a clue to solving the mystery. This will teach your child to pay attention to even the smallest details because they’ll want to figure out the mystery as they read the story. This attention to detail will also improve a child’s vocabulary and teach them about the world.

Teaches Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving skills can help your child succeed in school and later on in their chosen career. This is a huge part of The Hardy Boys stories. As the brothers go on each adventure, they’ll tackle multiple problems before figuring out who the bad guy is. They often get into dangerous situations where their survival is at stake. As your child reads through these particular situations, they’ll become more adept at solving problems in their own lives. This is a skill that will stay with them forever.

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