How is virtual reading changing reading time with children and grandchildren?

Many parents and grandparents love sharing the magic of reading with their children. Reading books with parents and grandparents is one of the best ways for children to develop a special bond and create memories that last a lifetime. Virtual reading has taken the place of in-person reading, at least for now. Facetime, Zoom, and other virtual means are being used to continue one-on-one reading time with children.

The Power of Virtual Reading

“Read me a story” is one of the sweetest requests a parent and or grandparent can hear. You can maintain the magic of reading with your children and grandchildren, even if you can’t physically be in the same room.

Children reading books with their parents and grandparents in a virtual setting is the norm for those who live at a distance. If you’re new to virtual reading, though, bonding over a favorite from a classic children’s book series, can seem difficult at first.

You will learn quickly that virtual story times can be a lot of fun!

Here are a few ways to make them extra special:

  • Create rituals for reading time. It can be something as small as allowing the child to make the next selection from their favorite book collections or, for older children, having them read at least one chapter from the current book.
  • Read a book together that you also enjoyed as a child. The Happy Hollisters series for children began in 1953! Many parents and grandparents read these youth mystery novels when they were young. It can be exciting to share your memories of how much the books meant to you. When you find series titles you both love it creates a special connection between the two of you.
  • Discover new interests together. With The Happy Hollisters 12-Book “Travel the USA” Collection, for instance, you and your children can explore states and regions like Florida, New York City, and Alaska. Each volume in this mystery book series also offers an exciting adventure as the Hollister kids hunt for Indian treasure, save giant sea turtles, and search for buried gold.

Another fun activity grandparents and parents can do virtually with their children is get to know the Hollisters through our fun coloring and activity books. Each book contains word games, coloring pages, and puzzles that provide hours of fun for fans of all ages!

Virtual Reading Brings Families Together

Reading has the power to change a child’s life and that’s true even if the reading at home is being done virtually. While nothing can compete with snuggling up with your children to read together in person, all of these suggestions allow you to continue to read together and share this special time.

Social distancing has for now changed how we live our lives, but there are plenty of ways to keep this fun tradition alive with your grandchild. Another way to make virtual reading fun? Sign up for the Happy Hollisters Book Club. Each month, the child in your life receives new mystery adventures delivered right to their door. Or you can purchase individual or groups of books in The Happy Hollister store. Choose from the complete 33-book collection, or buy books grouped by theme in bundles of 3, 4, 6, 8, and 10. You’ll also find some very fun retro wear and information on our audio books and Amazon Kindle Editions.

Technology has made it possible for grandparents and grandkids to continue a wonderful family tradition of reading together. To learn more about ways to share the love of virtual reading with your grandchildren, or to sign them up for the book club, contact The Happy Hollisters today.