Why The Happy Hollisters Make the Best Bedtime Stories

The Happy Hollisters series by Andrew E. Svenson has proven to be one of the most resilient classic children’s book series of all time. These youth mystery novels are perfect for younger children and even those in their early teenage years. You can read to your kids at any age, but let’s take a look at why The Happy Hollisters make the best bedtime stories.

Stories Are About Family

A key component of The Happy Hollisters is the fact that the mystery stories and adventures presented in each story are taken on by family members, particularly the siblings, with their parents providing backup. They’re shown to be a very caring, loving family throughout every story. This is a wonderful message to give to your kids and it’s a great sentiment to end their day on.

Introduces New Cultures

Everyone knows that kids soak up information, but with so many of today’s distractions, it can be a bit harder for them. One thing that The Happy Hollisters will expose your kids to is a multitude of different cultures, because the stories often take place outside of their hometown and, in some cases, in a very far-off location. Since your child will be relaxed as they drift off to sleep, they may absorb a little bit more about these cultures.

Teaches New Vocabulary

Mystery books for children will often introduce new concepts and vocabulary that kids haven’t been exposed to yet. As your child lies in bed in a quiet room, it’s a lot easier for them to focus on the individual words being spoken. They may pick up on a new word or two as the stories are being read to them. You can also spark their interest by asking them what a particular word means.

The Stories Help Them Relax

The Happy Hollisters are some of the best bedtime stories because they help kids to relax at the end of their day. Although the stories are about adventure and mystery, the family element and overall feel-good vibe can help wash away anything negative that’s happened during the day. This can help them relax and get a better night’s sleep.

Helps Parent-Child Bonding

The parent-child bond is an important step to ensuring a healthy and productive childhood, but many parents today seem to have a lot of difficulty making it happen because their kids are constantly bombarded and distracted by outside influences. By reading at bedtime, they’ll connect to your voice, and you’re more likely to share a connection.

Teaches Kids Teamwork

A common theme of The Happy Hollisters is teamwork. The mysteries that are presented in each novel are never solved by just a single person. The Hollister family, often with support from others, must always work together to figure out what’s going on every step of the way. This is a wonderful lesson to teach your kids as they drift off to sleep.

Problem-Solving Skills

Perhaps we shouldn’t put problem-solving skills so far down on the list, but we wanted to first concentrate on more of the familial aspects that are often included in the best bedtime stories. The truth of the matter is that children’s mystery books always include the need to solve a problem or, more specifically, to solve the mystery. Although this may get a child’s brain to become more active when you’re trying to relax them, it’s still a great way to fall asleep.

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