Why It’s Important to Know Your Child’s Reading Level

It’s actually a very simple concept. Your child’s reading level is a measure of his or her ability to read text independently. One very important thing to remember is that assessing your child’s reading skills and comprehension is meant to be helpful. It should not be a source of stress or agitation. Whether your son or daughter is reading at grade level or not, accurate assessment can help your child become a better, more excited reader.

The main reason it’s important to know your child’s reading level is so you can provide them with books that are appropriate to their skills and comprehension. While you want their books to be challenging, you don’t want them to be too difficult. This could discourage them from reading altogether. Reading books that are matched to their ability—with a slight challenge—helps build fluency and comfort, helping them develop a love of reading.

How to Determine Your Child’s Reading Level

In most situations, a child’s reading level will initially be assessed in first or second grade. This means that in many instances, you can find out where your child stands simply by asking their teacher. There are times when a child might not have been tested—such as in homeschooling situations or due to the pandemic—or they need to be reevaluated. In these cases, you can talk with your child’s teacher or a professional reading specialist who can point you in the direction of a proper reading level assessment.

How to Improve Your Child’s Reading Level

Once you’ve learned your child’s reading level, it’s important to know that there’s no reason to panic if your child isn’t reading at the level that matches their grade. There are many resources available to help them improve reading comprehension.

You can help them out by encouraging them to read at home or, if needed, setting them up with a tutor or a reading partner. Online resources are another great choice that can be quite effective. You may also want to have them evaluated for any potential learning disability. Then proceed from there with the help of his or her teacher and other available resources through the school and private institutions.

Why Happy Hollisters Series Is Perfect for Younger Kids

Written by Andrew E. Svenson under the pseudonym “Jerry West,” The Happy Hollisters is one of the most celebrated mystery series for kids of all time. This set of youth mystery novels has weathered the decades despite heavy competition and an ever-changing world. N

You’ll also enjoy these incredible benefits:

  • Each Book is Written with Kids in MindThe Happy Hollisters books were written for kids aged 4-12. They were written so that they could be enjoyed as read-alouds for younger readers or as independent reading selections for more advanced readers.
  • Mysteries Make Them Think — Any kind of book that your child reads is bound to make them think, but nothing beats a good mystery! With these types of stories, one goal is to get children to solve the mystery themselves as the story unfolds.
  • Always Promoting Teamwork — The Happy Hollisters are a loving family, but they’re also a resourceful and effective team. This teaches children how to work together to solve a problem and improve interpersonal relationships.
  • Introduces New Concepts — The author of The Happy Hollisters was always keen on introducing a variety of concepts to kids. If you look at the many different adventures the family and their friends go on, you’ll see subjects ranging from history to aliens that act as center-points to the stories.
  • Presents Old-Fashioned Values — With unfettered access to news events and opinions, the days of the past seem to be all but forgotten. The Happy Hollisters mystery stories allow children to have a glimpse into the unique world of a large, close-knit family whose old-fashioned values revolve around kindness and understanding.
  • Teaches Children About the World — The large variety of adventures involving the Hollisters has allowed them to travel in various parts of the country and around  the world. No matter where the story takes place, there are always some teachable moments about the world around them and various cultures.

Learn How to Determine Your Child’s Reading Level

The Happy Hollisters is one of the most popular children’s mysteries series of all time. These stories can help improve your child’s reading level, cultural awareness, and more. To see what we have to offer and learn about our book club membership, visit the Happy Hollister store.