Join The Happy Hollisters Book Club for Great Benefits!

The Happy Hollisters by Andrew E. Svenson (under the pen name name Jerry West) is one of the most popular youth mystery novels of all time. This delightful series follows the Hollister family as they travel across the country and around the world, working together to solve exciting mysteries.

If you want to give your child a great summer reading experience, join The Happy Hollisters Book Clubwhere they can get two new books in the series each month, delivered right to your home.

Here are some of the great benefits your children will get out of it:

Brand New Books Every Month

When you join The Happy Hollisters Book Club, you receive two new books in the mail every month. To kick things off, the first book is priced at only 10 cents—paperback or hardcover—with no further obligation. After that, each book is priced at a 15% discount off the regular website price.

With each delivery, shipping is free, and you can cancel your book club membership at any time without penalty and keep the books you’ve already paid for. This is a wonderful way to introduce your children to the series and keep them reading all summer long.

Encourages Kids to Read More

Many children love to read, but they need a constant influx of new content. Joining The Happy Hollisters Book Club will get them the content that they require. This will encourage them to sit down with their new monthly adventures when they arrive. The Happy Hollisters series of books is especially helpful because it gives them a mystery to solve, which makes the story even more engaging and exciting.

Teaches New Vocabulary

As your child gets older, it’s important that you expose them to as much vocabulary as possible. Having a wide range of vocabulary will help them succeed not only in school but also in their personal and professional lives in general. With the help of a book club, they’ll be able to greatly expand their vocabulary for years to come.

Allows Them to Problem-Solve

The Hollisters are problem solvers. With each story, there is some type of mystery involved. As the adventure unfolds, the Hollister family works together to find clues and, ultimately, discover who committed a crime or what the mystery is all about. Your child is able to follow along with the same clues and learn how to solve problems along the way.

Promotes Wholesome Values

The Happy Hollisters were written several decades ago when life was a whole lot simpler. This was long before children were engrossed in technology and social media. The novels were written in the spirit of wholesome values, family, and teamwork. When you join The Happy Hollisters Book Club, you’ll be exposing your kids to these important values.

Teaches About Life’s Challenges

It’s no secret that life can be tough. Even though The Happy Hollisters series was written in a bygone era, many of the challenges facing children have remained the same. In each novel sent through the book club, your child will read about some of these challenges and see how the Hollisters overcome them. Your kids can then apply some of these lessons to their own lives in the real world.

Teaches Them About Teamwork

A huge part of each book’s adventure is teamwork. When the Hollister family sets out to solve whatever mystery has landed on their doorstep, they quickly discover that they can’t get very far without the help of their family and those close to them.
They must very often ask for help from friends or family members. This will teach your children about the importance of teamwork and asking for help in today’s often closed-off world.

Introduces New Cultures & Ideas

The Happy Hollisters were teaching about new cultures and ideas long before it was cool. Many of the books that are delivered each month take place in other countries or among groups of people that the Hollisters have never encountered before. This can go a long way toward promoting curiosity and teaching your own children about the importance of diversity and discovery.

Join the Happy Hollisters Book Club for an Incredible Summer

The Happy Hollisters is a mystery series for kids that will teach them important values and skills. Join The Happy Hollisters Book Club today!