HH32. The Happy Hollisters and the Monster Mystery Kindle Edition


Is Pine Lake a haven for creatures from outer space? The citizens of Shoreham are rattled by mysterious UFO sightings, but the Shoreham Detective Club is on the case. From unusual footprints in the mud to a doll stolen from the new “toy library” at school, the clues start piling up fast as The Happy Hollisters and their friends search for who—or what—is causing the panic around town.

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As President of the Shoreham Detective Club, Pete Hollister called the meeting to order:
“You have all heard about the Shoreham monster. We’re going to solve this mystery. But besides the monster, we have another project—the new toy library at the school. Pam will tell us about it.”
His sister, Pam Hollister, rose: “It’s a new kind of library—instead of borrowing books, children who can’t afford toys can borrow them. I think the Shoreham Detective Club should help find toys for the library . . .”
Suddenly, the meeting was interrupted by a terrified scream. Holly Hollister stood pale and trembling, pointing to the window.
“I saw it! I saw the monster! It was wrinkled—like an old man—with big teeth!”
And that is just the start of this newest adventure of the Happy Hollisters! Before long, the Hollisters—and the other members of the Shoreham Detective Club—find themselves deep into a mystery that not only involves the “monster,” but flying saucers . . . a mysterious airplane with an even more mysterious pilot . . . and the strangest case of kidnapping you’ve ever heard of!

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