Nancy Drew_33_Witch Tree Symbol

ND33. The Witch Tree Symbol


In Pennsylvania to search for missing furniture and uncover the meaning behind the witch tree symbol hex sign that keeps appearing, Nancy, Bess & George solve an ancient mystery and help reunite a young Amish woman with her family.



When a neighbor asks Nancy Drew to accompany her to an old uninhabited mansion, a new mystery opens ups, and danger lurks on the second floor. Nancy finds a witch tree symbol that leads her to Pennsylvania Dutch country in pursuit of a cunning and ruthless thief.

The friendly welcome the young detective and her friends receive from the Amish people soon changes to hostility when it is rumored that Nancy is a witch! Superstition helps her adversary in his attempt to get her off his trail, but Nancy does not give up. Persistently she uncovers one clue after another. Nancy’s intelligence and sleuthing ability finally lead to the fascinating solution of this puzzling case.

Hardcover; 179 pages; illustrations, only $12.95 (includes FREE Shipping in the USA!)

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