Merry Go Round Mystery

HH10. The Happy Hollisters and the Merry-Go-Round Mystery Kindle Edition


Pete Hollister volunteers to locate a merry-go-round for the Lincoln School fair. Disappointments abound when a gear for the apparatus is apparently lost and a vandal sets fire to the booths and decorations in attempt to ruin the event.

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Everyone is quite enthusiastic when the suggestion is made that a merry-go-round be one of the main attractions at Shoreham’s Lincoln School Fair. Pete Hollister volunteers for the job, in spite of the obvious difficulties of the task. It turns out to be more difficult than was at first supposed, however, for Pete finds he is competing with a professional carnival that has recently arrived in town. Pete’s job goes quite well at the start, and he is delighted when he locates two merry-go-rounds which can be used free of charge since the fair is a charity function. Excitement runs high around the Hollister household as plans are made to get the merry-go-rounds delivered to the fairgrounds. In spite of mysterious interference, the merry-go-rounds reach their destination and the whole town turns out to set them up. It is a great disappointment, therefore when a gear for one of the machines is apparently lost. The worst is yet to come, however, for a vandal sets fire to all the booths and decorations in an attempt to destroy the whole production. A Happy Hollister story, packed full of mystery, excitement, and, of course, the fun shared with this wonderful family.

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